Wig learning


this is my second trial using this viscose fiber. It’s very smooth and light. I found it was more difficult to handle straight and smooth fiber like this rather than curly hair.

It is still a mess because the glue is still seen on top. ?. i am going to make more but still waiting for my fiber and while waiting, i ll be practicing to make  a descent wig cap. haha. believe it or not, before, i made it with paper tape. Not that it was wrong but i just want to get more serious in making wig.

Wig Cap // Stretch Fabric


Using stretch fabric is recommended because we can create a smooth wig cap. The left one is also using stretch fabric but I didn’t pull down too much so the wrinkle still existed. Use string rubber to hold the fabric and pull down the fabric until the wrinkle disappeared. After wipe it with glue and leave it over night, the glue will dry and the stretch is disappeared. You can take off the stretch string and cut the unused fabric. The wig cap will be thinner because we pull it but that’s ok. if you think, it’s too think, may be you want to double the fabric next time making wig cap. For me, 1 layer so far is enough.

*lots of tutorial in youtube for making wig cap and wig itself. I only share my opinion here. Please find yourself by searching in youtube about making wig cap and wig itself. Thank you.


Some R&D

IMG-20160317-WA0000 IMG-20160317-WA0001


Been making several bras with different pattern and finishing techniques. Oh, yes, since it’s 100% WIP, I didn’t really sew it very-very neatly. It’s a quick sewing. Perhaps only those denim-red-star that I sew seriously (especially the with-string bra. The bottom one is also another trial)

The two upper row-left ones are actually ok. It’s just too sporty and conservative look. The bottom one is good but i still can’t find a better (easy) way to sew it. The yellow right-hand one is good one. I like it. I will correct the shape later and mark it in my master pattern as it is for bikini style. (^_^). Oh, forget the un-balanced red string. hahaha. I just put it so the bra can hang properly. Resin is too slippery to hold this bra. It’s ok with others but with this one, as it is low front bra, it’s quite slippery to go down. I just sew it a.s.a.p so i can see how the bra on the body

There are still about 2-4 pattern by myself to try. Point is I want to look for a better shape and more important is, i want to practice sewing bra in term of technique.


model: Narae

Searching For The ‘Right’ Doll Bra

I think, my bjd bra self-made is ok. It’s just…the shape is too sporty and conservative. I’ve been looking for the right shape as well as the best way to sew it. I was thinking to purchase from someone for my reference (the finishing, not the pattern. I made the pattern myself, thankie) but seems like the person doesn’t release her doll bra anymore.

So far, my sewing technique/finishing is alright but i just think may be there’s another better way and practical way to do it. I’m still within ‘human bra’ world of sewing . I learned to sew one and I’m still locked in the sewing technique. Doll sewing is a bit different. I’m afraid, i’m just making things complicated.

Slow Crafting and Sewing

I’ve been ‘busy’ with the boys. Getting busier, for exactly. Every time i am about to sew or make something, they scream or yell like crazy for whatever cause. Sometimes I just ignore it and leave it to the nanny but cant do that too long. In the end, i’ll be checking them out. My mood will just whoosh, disappeared all of sudden. TAT.

The annoying part in doing crafting and sewing is managing my mood. With that mood-stopper, it’s hard to craft or sew. I made wrong pattern because i was stopped while doing that either i stopped myself or my boys did. I continued the pattern on the next day (if lucky) or some other days and that’s why i forgot what I was planning about. I still don’t know how to organize the work. May be i should keep a diary so i remember what to do next? or…? Goodness, my brain is full of those little boys!

I’m pretty ashamed to use ‘create’ verb or ‘creation’ noun for my work. Feel like, the quality of creativity as well as techniques has decreased or has nothing new for long time. I’m sad and disappointed at myself but it’s inevitable. Right now, just able to sew has already made me happy. I can’t expect higher than that. I’m just doing my best to keep myself sane.


A Story In Dolly World

I’ve been watching and experienced it myself…

some people just want to play

some people take a chance to try sell a little handmade for dolls

some people ruin others because they don’t have doll and get jealous over others

some people just get jealous over everything (not just dolly)

some people get threatened that their sale gets competition

some people just don’t want to see others happy (with their doll) (just love to ruin happiness. Because the doll brings happiness to the owner, so they ‘kill’ the doll by insulting and give inferior feeling to the owners)

some people just want to compete to get acknowledged by others

some people just want to take it for granted from dolly owner by trying to be their friends

some people is happier when getting friends to play doll with

Bjd, dolls are lovely but the owners sometimes are well…have their own motive why they own dolls and their motive are not always lovely.

I’ve been in this hobby for years and last time, i met several jerks in this hobby. They tried to kill my passion with dolls by doing nasty things; backstabbing, negative talking behind, gapping, attacking things i do for my dolls, etc, etc. In the end… it’s all about money, existence, acknowledgement. Now, those people get those, they act like ‘angels’ and ‘good’ people.

Some people have tried to make me uncomfortable in this hobby, yet, sorry, who are they? They didn’t buy me dolls, they have NO MEANING to me. Although i still hate them for negative talking, talking lie, and all they did to me, yet, they can’t take me out from MY dolly world.

I started this hobby ALONE, knew this hobby by myself in the first time (not from them), been playing relatively alone for years. Who are they?

Good thing, I got good friends in this hobby, too. Friends who just want to play and enjoy this hobby same as I do…

Working Plan

I think, sewing human clothes isn’t for me right now, not as a routine work. May be i should do it only once a month. The energy and focus take more than I can handle. I think, i should do small projects like doll clothes.

I’ll be going back to the ‘root’ of why I play dolls. I want to feel the fun i used to feel long time ago when i firstly play dolls and before knowing some assholes in the community. I want to create kind of lovely and cute clothes for my dolls. I want to have fun…no…i want to bring back the fun of playing dolls. Just me and my dolls.




i’m ‘forced’ to have doll fasting… TAT …no doll hunting until next year easter. TAT . I’d been ‘warned’ and I ignored…

Oh…if you don’t believe in God, well, I do… (^_^)… Feel like I have to do fasting until next year easter…not this year easter… (^_^)’…me is naughty naughty daughter…can’t call myself a daughter because i’m naughty TAT

Yukata-Back To Basic (Human Yukata)



I have the book but i left it in my teacher’s house. So, i printed from internet. Anyway, after 3rd-not-so-satisfying patterns, i decided to use this pattern. I actually ‘learned’ about it but then since it was too confusing, i made it myself. And now, i went back to this pattern and tried to understand eventhough still a bit confusing. Result? With a bit different understanding, i found it that this is the BEST so far.


I’m also waiting for my purchased yukata. I want to know myself how a good-made-doll-yukata looks on my doll. I also want to know how they did the finishing, so if i want to make and sell yukata, my handmade quality will not be too faaaaar behind. (^O^)””’…