Reading a book

Bought a book but apparently this is really referrence book. Most pics are black and white and each pic has description. I use Scan&Translator apps for iphone to read this. You can use google translate, too, but i like the previous apps more.

Just open the apps and push the camera button. Let the apps scan the kanji and then we can choose to what language to translate.




Making Bag: A Restart

Been making bags lately. Now, the second one. Never been thinking too much like this before. Perhaps because I made doll clothes so i started to get more detail in terms of technique and accessories. I also like trying some supplies I rarely use when I want to make bags as quick as possible. I think, the preparation takes more than the sewing itself. It’s ok actually but preparation means more risk exposed to my kids intervention. Hahaha. Goodness. But so far, the craft projects are safe.

I make a plan that after these few re-start projects, I will also restart selling my bags again. It will be (slightly…or not) different than before. I want to try so many things I haven’t. Things mean supplies. Hahaha… Wish me luck!

My Own Product Review

I’ve been thinking about changing my handmade product. First when thinking of producing it. I was thinking about ‘casual cute product’. It was kind of product that people might need when they have their first doll and want to style their doll cutely with casual unique clothes.


I’m thinking another thing. I’m busy with kids and can’t always have time to sew a lot. I was thinking to make special clothes  each time. I was thinking about this when saw other seamstress’ handmade. They were beautiful, unique, and made with a good skill. I then thought, my skill isn’t basic. Why don’t I make that kind of product as well. I don’t have to make such a lot and don’t have to feel oblique to make a lot of clothes. When making casual clothes, i always feel oblique to make more and it frustrates me because I can’t due to busy with household. After seeing some seamstress’ unique works, I think. My skill isn’t basic, too. I can make something that my non-basic skill afford it. May be I can’t make a lot and only one or two per release and can’t work fast but well, I can’t make a lot and work fast when making casual clothes. Thought I can make unique casual clothes but casual is casual. It’s either I’ll be upgrading my casual clothes into a more unique clothes or make something else that is unique.

I’m still cooking the idea. I want to decide what kind of clothes I want to make, how many, what the concept of clothes (upgraded casual clothes or totally different style).

(Difficult) Washable Pen

I bought this pen from my seller friend. I thought, it was just like another washable pen I had. Apparently, it is NOT. I used the remover only once on this project and the stains were not disappeared. It was still there. Very hard to be removed. I then had a feeling that this will be very difficult to be removed even with another good stain remover or natural stain remover. Even i used the best detergent before remover to remove the stain. This detergent is one i’ve been using since may be i was in college.  It’s very-very good quality so far. I didn’t want to use another removers as I know it may degrade the color. I just want to use ONE technique at ONCE.  I then remember, a batik artist in my country used  regular spidol to draw the pattern. I asked, will the mark disappear? He said, yes, in the process, it will. He uploaded the picture of batik processing someday and I saw he used hot boiled water. I then used the technique. Instead, I boiled my project, I just poured the hot boiled water into a basin with regular detergent I always use. IT WORKED! Goodness!

It is better to use hot water once rather than using remover over and over. I had experience with using remover more than once on a project. It didn’t work and it ruins the color. Using the hot water, the color will yes, it will slightly degrade but I know my fabric is very good, high quality so  I was confident enough to use hot water. As long as not over and over again. Combining with good detergent really gives good impact to stain.

I want to take the picture of the pen that crafters must avoid but there’s no brand too as I only bought refill and I didn’t have the pen already TAT.

The pen tint is light blue. There’s no other tint color series from this ‘brand’. There are another pen from different brand (I think) with some colours series. That pen is ok. Only the pen with light blue (not marker. Light blue marker is ok).

Finally 2 Set Clothes Done

Finally, managed to finish 2 set of doll clothes. Not yet taking picture. Will be uploaded directly to etsy later. Want to take picture of the other clothes. Perhaps tomorrow. May be I should just go home after dropping my kids at.

The producing speed is very slow. Interfered with many things include having food poisoned. Goodness. Took more than 2 weeks to get all done.


Sewing Doll Clothes vs Sewing Human Clothes

I’ve been sewing both type for quite sometime. Specially for doll clothes, may be since late 2009. I realized that sewing techniques for each are different after sometime sewing doll clothes. Human Clothes seamstresses who never sew doll clothes may not understand the adjustment that the doll clothes seamstresses make as well as the difficulties besides the small size. They tend to comment it supposed to be like this and that or but sometimes they don’t really understand what they’re saying.

Doll clothes:

  1. The size make it hard to sew. So, lots of adjustment and off-good sewing-techniques are made to accommodate.
  2. The supplies are difficult. The scale sometimes is still a bit too big for the size of the doll. It makes the clothes look odd on doll. Finding the right scale supplies are not easy. Sometimes, once we find 1 supplies with right scale but another supplies are not with right scale. It can’t be used together. Here, we have to ‘let go’ what is said ‘supposed to’.
  3. The fabric types may add difficulty. Sometimes, we want to use chiffon or some ‘easy fraying’ fabrics. We have to cut the seam edge until very closed to the seam to make the clothes shape more smooth. YET, it risk the sewing itself. Very closed can’t be very closed. Don’t criticize until you experience it. Yes, there’s glue or kind of liquid to prevent fraying BUT it’s not always available in all countries. Yes, there are other technique like burning the edge or heating it with kind of hot-pen, but it may endanger the fabric itself and the quality of result can be varied. The fabric color can change (it can be happened with fraying prevent liquid, too) or it’s temporary (after washing the clothes, it goes back to fraying), and so on. Even if we want to cut with zigzag scissor, it’s not always helping. Sometimes, fraying is fraying. The only way to lock it is with french seam which not always applicable for doll clothes.
  4. We can’t choose whatever fabric we want to. The options are narrowing and not all right fabrics are available in ALL countries. I saw some doll clothes are really good in showing how it flows on the doll body like when human wearing chiffon. I don’t know what kind of fabrics are they. Are they silk? what kind of silk? Are they chiffon? what kind of chiffon? Something like that.  Sometimes we want to create something with this or that impression but we can’t do it 100% right because no fabrics for that in the country. Even if we have to import or want to import, we don’t know what it’s name in other countries.
  5. Finishing for doll clothes and human clothes aren’t always the same either. At least, I don’t do that. I do different things for human and doll clothes finishing.

Sewing human clothes with good and right techniques can be helpful to understand how the clothes should be looked. Then, we apply it to doll scale.

About neatness.

It can be pursued. It is still a must. Even for doll scale, neatness can be pursued. Even after adjustment and those difficulties, neatness can be pursued. Not because doll clothes are difficult, so the neatness is adjust too. Not like that either.

Finishing Works

I feel a bit regret of piling up un-done clothes so I can finish them all at once. Apparently, getting a time to do it is difficult. It’s better to finish it at the span of time I’m making it. Developing mood to do finishing is even harder than time. It’s a very slow progress. Goodness, and my boys are so naughty lately.

Jeans Denim Pants Project

i’ve been doing personal project of sewing denim pants…using ‘real’ denim jeans fabric…i mean, not cotton jeans or soft jeans…i use the real thick jeans used on ‘old-school classic jeans’…

apparently, i used ‘wrong’ measurement last time…haha…no wonder, it’s a bit loose and not fit as expected…it is ok…but it’s like when i used size 31, it is size 32…XDXD…goodness…I’m not sure to use the same pattern though i know what the mistakes are now…

i will be back to my teacher’s pattern on next project. I have checked everything. it should be ok…XD…

after this, i’ll be going back to doll project…my target is i have to be able to sew jeans low-waist pants for myself…XD…problem is the R&D projects for my size is not cheap and i always use the suitable fabric, not replacement or other cheaper one. The risk of different result is big while the effort is the same. I’d rather risk my money a bit than effort…my effort is expensive since i have the boys…XDXDXD…

now…cutting the pattern..

My Doll Clothes

just found out that i made 4 doll clothes already. Five i think. not all is finished 100% but ready to take pic. ? . I will take pics of them .

one of the dress still needs more accessories like belt and other things.