(Stop) Shopping For Now

img_5321Goodness…been shopping for things lately…May be because of stress… TAT… Must stop it by now or at least, slow it down.

Been so stressful with the kids and my thirst of making things and play dolls. I am sick of shopping but while doing internet, i always open the online store. ??.


I want to make things but goodness my boys are soooo (I’m sorry for saying this) in the way. It’s at a point where it’s not a challenge anymore. I tried to encounter it by sewing in a room near by them but it’s not my sewing room, so the table is like emergency table…haha…very short. I can’t sit comfortably. My sewing is a mess!


will make more as practice and send them for charity. It is not neat but doesnt mean it is a disaster that it is not appropriate for donation. That word ‘mess’ is my own assessment as i am kind of perfectionist. ??.

i only had 2 standard once: good and a mess. then i added in the middle, appropriate (means not perfect but still way decent to be sold or worn. haha). it is after i had kids i gave the term to my own standard. A mess means, i sew it  quickly and a bit off the marking. The finishing isnt the best option, too. I just want to get it done. Want to repeat it after i finish an order for a friend.

it is so hard to catch up things with the boys around. Now the daddy is on vacation too. It is harder to adjust the time. ?. I also had been ill and healthy one after another for months. Goodness.

I hope I am blessed with time and opportunity to fulfill my dream…my little dream now is i wish i can sew i wish i can create