Welcome To My Website. Before continuing your journey (and interacting with me), please take your time to read short rules from me.

I dealt with several not good people in the past. So, my rule might sound strict.

  1. I might answer question from this web but introduce yourself in a good manner and inform from where you are. I answer or not as well as how I answer (using picture, illustration or words) is my privilege; if I want to use illustration, I will, if not, it’s my privilege. If you push me to respond or spam as well as push me to respond in a way you want, I will block your email for sure. No detail picture. Pictures are those on my website; I won’t take another picture for your pleasure.
  2. Do not use nor claim my designs and/or my work for profit and/or as your design and work.
  3. If my work is based on a book (specific design and pattern), which is usually part of my learning, I will inform the source here (unless i forgot or when i type, the book isn’t with me. I usually type the ISBN as it’s an accurate information).
    1. If my learning source is a book or bought pattern, DO NOT ASK FOR COPY OR FILE. Even though it’s not released anymore, I WILL NOT give copy or file for any reason. A request for this will be ignored.
  4. I don’t sell pattern. A request for free or paid pattern will also be ignored. You are welcome to ask about the technique; please refer to rule no.1
  5. My supplies sources are confidential. If i want to share, i will if I don’t share means, I DON’T want to share.
  6. Other rules might be added later.

Be nice and I’ll be nicer. Thank you


Additional info:

  1. I don’t teach basic sewing. That’s why I often write not from zero. I assume, my reader is already knowledgeable about basic sewing and understand pattern. Those two may be found in youtube or learned from courses. Please make some efforts to do that. All i share here is just a tips to do this and that. Not 100% from zero, making this and that including making pattern. *you may want to buy pattern at etsy or from japanese book. They also good for starting point for learning about sewing if you don’t want to start from making pattern and just want to jumped right away into sewing.


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