High Waist Skirt For Minifee

I don’t know where to start… It’s quite confusing me. I thought minifee body would be good if wearing skirt like this, high waist one and ‘pencil’ or I-silhouette skirt. When i made this, i thought, i made a mistake because of the fitting wasn’t too good. I remade and remade until it became good, but it wasn’t impressive. Then I was at a 90% conclusion that the body shape/type isn’t for this kind of dress. When we learn about fashion and body shape, sometimes, some shapes are good with kind of fashion style/silhouette and not good with others.

One day, i watched a korean drama and the actress wore quite same skirt style. The actress is actually sexy. I think, the body shape and ‘height’ is kinda minifee too. Not tall, thin, but sexy. When i saw her wearing the skirt, I didn’t see it as sexy as expected. It felt ‘plain’ to me, unlike when she wore A-line skirt or even denim pants. I thought at that time, it is the body shape! I wanted to enhance the side-silhouette of minifee body but ended up with ‘plain’ and ‘flat’ feel.

It’s interesting to know that when thought a body, whether human or doll, looks perfect but actually it can’t wear something better than other body. Well, of course, in the end it’s the owner of the body or doll that decide. They still can go go with it or not. So do I… i have my own opinion and i’m quite unhappy that i can’t dress up minifee with this kind of skirt. I’m going to try it with narae next time or bigger doll.

Sorry for not good picture…the thread is still seen. (^_^)” … It was right from the sewing machine, can’t wait to fit it on doll body. (^_^)”