It’s not the first time but may be today is the most touching one and such a wake up call for me.

I shopped from an online store today. I supposed to make 2 quantity but i forgot. The seller already sent the items to me. I was so panic. I can make an order again but the shipping fee will be calculated again. He said, it’s ok. Next time, you shop from us, please order 2 and we will send 1 quantity. I said to him, actually, i want to buy again another size but still not sure. He said, it’s ok. No need to buy now. The most important is, your business runs (well) first.

I would like to underline that word.

The boss didn’t know that I haven’t opened my business officially. I mostly do it for fun or for ‘free’ stuff I’ll be giving as a gift to my boys’ friends. Yet, his words were such a wake-up call. Long before and after that, my friends also mentioned about same thing. They’re willing to buy, too.

I’m crying inside now. Knowing but not just ‘know’ but really know that i’m supported by the world to achieve my dream. What am I waiting for now? I’ve been being hesitated but I must stop now. It is the time. I want to take this whole positive energy as my fuel to realise my dream. I will go through the obstacles using this energy.

Thank you, God, for sending me good people with of course good words. My Christmas wish is please bless them all with Your kindness and peace. I hope, their life runs well and they can go through obstacles with Your bless.

Merry Christmas, every one. Let’s be kind to one another, be good to one another, and make a peace with one another.

Ganbatte all! Ganbatte of course ME!