Wig learning


this is my second trial using this viscose fiber. It’s very smooth and light. I found it was more difficult to handle straight and smooth fiber like this rather than curly hair.

It is still a mess because the glue is still seen on top. ?. i am going to make more but still waiting for my fiber and while waiting, i ll be practicing to make  a descent wig cap. haha. believe it or not, before, i made it with paper tape. Not that it was wrong but i just want to get more serious in making wig.

Wig Cap // Stretch Fabric


Using stretch fabric is recommended because we can create a smooth wig cap. The left one is also using stretch fabric but I didn’t pull down too much so the wrinkle still existed. Use string rubber to hold the fabric and pull down the fabric until the wrinkle disappeared. After wipe it with glue and leave it over night, the glue will dry and the stretch is disappeared. You can take off the stretch string and cut the unused fabric. The wig cap will be thinner because we pull it but that’s ok. if you think, it’s too think, may be you want to double the fabric next time making wig cap. For me, 1 layer so far is enough.

*lots of tutorial in youtube for making wig cap and wig itself. I only share my opinion here. Please find yourself by searching in youtube about making wig cap and wig itself. Thank you.


Children Bracelet For Upcoming Bazaar

Made some bracelets to provide product variation in my booth. It’s for children. It can be for bigger person if they have  small lower arms like me. Haha. Goodness, I think, I’m going to make one bigger than this but I don’t know. If the design is so cute like this, may be children size like this is more suitable. (~_~)”’


Children Bracelet