Stretch Fabric Learning

WIP-Stretch Fabric Learning

fabric: jersey stretch

needle: special for stretch fabric #9

This is my second trial. The hand part is bulky because i used interfacing on my lining and the lining covered the bodice’s hand holes. May be for next learning, I should use thinner interfacing. I used common/standard interfacing for this.

I didn’t serge the edge. It may ruin the shape and elasticity. It’s ok for not serging it. My purpose for this learning is to sew stretch fabric for simple shape of clothes as well as learning the finishing technique for this kind of neckline.

Using special needle for stretch fabric is really helpful. I would try this first before using special sewing feet. If it’s sufficient, then it’s ok. I didn’t use special stitch for this as this is for doll. It may not be able to be applied to human clothes sewing. It’s also unable to apply on doll projects like stockings and socks.


Balloon Skirt

balloon skirt


one thing that my teacher didn’t teach me about balloon skirt ‘concept’ (and some other balloon skirts out there i found ) is that balloon means that this skirt must be filled with something so it looks filled or bubble, or blow from inside.

What I used is making inner skirt with ruffle lace (you can use tulle) inside.

1. the bottom: sew ruffled lace 2 layers close each other so it will be stronger to hold the bottom part of the skirt and give the ‘air’ effect on the bottom.

2. middle: no need to sew closely between layers.

3. top: sew ruffled lace 2 layers closed each other so the ballon effect is started at the top of the skirt.


Good Fabric for Doll? (or No (>3>)””

While ago, i bought a very ‘good’ fabric for doll clothes. At least, i thought SO. The fabric is thin but not sheer, very flowing, color is exactly like i want, and the price is not too expensive. It’s cotton.

I made doll clothes with this fabric 3 times, including latest project. I wasn’t unsure already with this fabric when i worked the first project but i thought, ah, may be coincidence. Yet, on 3rd project, i just O.o. The fabric wasn’t appeared as expected for a gown i made. O.o . It’s EASILY wrinkle! I ironed it again but yet, when i put it on doll body, it was like stretched here and there and caused wrinkle. No, the clothes isn’t too tight. it was even loose when i tried on another body.

Honestly, until now, i’m still unable to guess whether a fabric is good for doll UNTIL i made something with that fabric.


Sometimes, I just want to play

20140801_154409 20140809_132014


Those are my new work for my dolls. i’m going to sell them but somehow… I don’t know…somehow, I just feel, I just want to play my dolls without thinking of having business with it.

Sometimes, I feel discouraged to do business (again) but some good words came out from good people and encouraged me to do it again.

I guess…I’ll try again.


Anyway…I would like to say a bit about the bustier thing. I chose sailor fabric and color theme to make this one. Sailor clothes is great but a bit boring since it’s too many seen. I want to give another ‘look’ of sailor theme by making this super sexy yet cute outfit.