Myou Dolls!

Been eyeing on myou dolls

They are so cute! The faces are different but the feel is the same. I think the sculptor is really really love this kind of cute faces. Usually, i always look up on particular brands for msd height but this ‘msd’ type aka baby type, particular brands I always put my eye on don’t touch my feeling yet. I like their baby dolls but not kind of like I WANT TO BUY IT NOW.

Please check out their dealer website. Also, check out the other myou dolls type. They have discount until 16th May 2017. Dont miss it! It may take for a while for them to have discount anymore. ACBJD also provide layaway so far I know. You can ask them about the terms and condition.

One Head Doll is Weird O.o

I don’t know…other heads are ok…never experience like this before. This AE Doll Head is weird. No body even AE itself looks fine with this head EXCEPT Be Yours body. Yet, I don’t want to put her on BY body(ies) as I used them all for other heads. The head looks fine on the company listing. She’s cute and adorable but somehow, I can’t match her with the bodies at home. The height of the head is like odd so when it is put on a body, the head looks too high. I was just thinking the chin or face part (cheek and so on) is slightly smaller. Should be longer like others.

May be the height of the head is ok but the proportion is odd. The most up part of the head (on which the wig is put on) is ‘high’. I felt it when i put the wig. So, the ‘wig’ place is like slightly bigger and the ‘face’ place is like slightly smaller than usual. May be…that’s why when put on a ‘general’ body, it looks like too high. The neck is like giraffe. Too long for the head.  Perhaps, on BY body, it looks ok because the the length of the neck isn’t as long as other bodies’ neck.

May be the trick is to put long, layered wig to cover the neck and disguise the not proportioned head.

But…i’m too annoyed with this…want to sell but not sure…I will just use it as head wig model. i hope the head is not too odd and the wig i will make using the head can be used by other dolls

Balloon Skirt

balloon skirt


one thing that my teacher didn’t teach me about balloon skirt ‘concept’ (and some other balloon skirts out there i found ) is that balloon means that this skirt must be filled with something so it looks filled or bubble, or blow from inside.

What I used is making inner skirt with ruffle lace (you can use tulle) inside.

1. the bottom: sew ruffled lace 2 layers close each other so it will be stronger to hold the bottom part of the skirt and give the ‘air’ effect on the bottom.

2. middle: no need to sew closely between layers.

3. top: sew ruffled lace 2 layers closed each other so the ballon effect is started at the top of the skirt.


Yukata-Back To Basic (Human Yukata)



I have the book but i left it in my teacher’s house. So, i printed from internet. Anyway, after 3rd-not-so-satisfying patterns, i decided to use this pattern. I actually ‘learned’ about it but then since it was too confusing, i made it myself. And now, i went back to this pattern and tried to understand eventhough still a bit confusing. Result? With a bit different understanding, i found it that this is the BEST so far.


I’m also waiting for my purchased yukata. I want to know myself how a good-made-doll-yukata looks on my doll. I also want to know how they did the finishing, so if i want to make and sell yukata, my handmade quality will not be too faaaaar behind. (^O^)””’…

YoSD Casual Clothes Project

20140815_103722 20140815_103814


I never made yosd clothes ‘seriously’ before. I just made it. Looked ok. and that’s it.

This time, i take it a little bit more seriously in a more simple project. I make long pants for yosd and make sure the fitting is ok. I didn’t mean to make a ‘sexy’ very fit pants. I just want a casual pants, so the yosd will look as ‘young’ sd or as a kid. If you think making this kind of not-too-fit clothes is simple, not for me. It’s not an easy project actually. In my head, clothes must be fit and that thought drives my hand to create pattern. I rarely make a pattern that is a little bit loose (or not too fit). YET. I must say, i’m proud of myself that I managed to make it for this project only in ONE trial. Hahaha…I’m so happy!

The T-shirt is something i want to try as well. I didn’t serge it since i’m afraid, the fabric can be stretched out too much. Yes, I use stretch cotton fabric. There’re some notes I would like to share here:

1. Using zigzag is the best for hemming when you don’t have special machine to sew fabric like this.

2. I tried a sewing feet that was said for sewing this kind of fabric but I don’t feel it’s great in terms of sewing small curves which the doll clothes have.

3. There’s a special needle for that but since the needle is too expensive, i didn’t use it. (^o^)”’. Not, for this one.

4. I didn’t serge it but I trim it with zig-zag scissor.

5. Set the feet pressure not too high so the fabric can pass the feet more smoothly without being too much stretched out.

It’s a bit tricky when sewing this kind of fabric. Trial and error can happen. I did it in 1-2 trials. The good thing about using this fabric is, (may be) we don’t have to make the pattern as a strict good-fit one. It’s ok a bit too small or tight as the fabric will adjust itself to the body due to it’s stretch nature. But again…it’s own preference of how we want the t-shirt look like on the body, YET, in my personal opinion, I don’t take it too ‘strict’ when making the T-shirt pattern. (^_^)d.

Making pants for minifee, narae, and kdf (MSD slim)

20140713_134510 20140713_134558 20140713_134423 20140713_134400 20140713_123357


This is my first time makin side-slip pockets like this (I forgot the formal name. :D). This is not too difficult though need a bit trick. I put additional fabric same as outside fabric layered on top of the pocket which part is joined with the back side of the pants. We can absolutely use 1 fabric same as main fabric though. It’s just a trick so when the pocket is a bit ‘opened’ because of the pose of the doll, the difference of the fabric isn’t too obvious. It’s ok though to use different fabric to create a ‘difference effect’.

I serged the the fabric here. I use Singer White serging machine. I set up the machine so the serging result is not wide.

The fitting is great though I’m not good in taking photo to show how good it is :D. I will upload the pants for sale.

I’m still using sew-snap button instead ‘knocked’ one. I don’t know. I am still not confident to use that button. o.O”’


Craft/Sewing blog + Doll blog

Since, i’m too busy to maintain 2 websites, temporarily (for may be forever…), and will be united into one web which is (which if you type it, you’ll be directed to this blog). I’m using two names because of branding thing. I want to separate my doll clothes work from nichancraftroom’s works (which is human size).

Check out the special section of CDL gallery or category for my writing about doll clothes upadate.

Thank you (^_^)d