Making pants for minifee, narae, and kdf (MSD slim)

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This is my first time makin side-slip pockets like this (I forgot the formal name. :D). This is not too difficult though need a bit trick. I put additional fabric same as outside fabric layered on top of the pocket which part is joined with the back side of the pants. We can absolutely use 1 fabric same as main fabric though. It’s just a trick so when the pocket is a bit ‘opened’ because of the pose of the doll, the difference of the fabric isn’t too obvious. It’s ok though to use different fabric to create a ‘difference effect’.

I serged the the fabric here. I use Singer White serging machine. I set up the machine so the serging result is not wide.

The fitting is great though I’m not good in taking photo to show how good it is :D. I will upload the pants for sale.

I’m still using sew-snap button instead ‘knocked’ one. I don’t know. I am still not confident to use that button. o.O”’