One Head Doll is Weird O.o

I don’t know…other heads are ok…never experience like this before. This AE Doll Head is weird. No body even AE itself looks fine with this head EXCEPT Be Yours body. Yet, I don’t want to put her on BY body(ies) as I used them all for other heads. The head looks fine on the company listing. She’s cute and adorable but somehow, I can’t match her with the bodies at home. The height of the head is like odd so when it is put on a body, the head looks too high. I was just thinking the chin or face part (cheek and so on) is slightly smaller. Should be longer like others.

May be the height of the head is ok but the proportion is odd. The most up part of the head (on which the wig is put on) is ‘high’. I felt it when i put the wig. So, the ‘wig’ place is like slightly bigger and the ‘face’ place is like slightly smaller than usual. May be…that’s why when put on a ‘general’ body, it looks like too high. The neck is like giraffe. Too long for the head.  Perhaps, on BY body, it looks ok because the the length of the neck isn’t as long as other bodies’ neck.

May be the trick is to put long, layered wig to cover the neck and disguise the not proportioned head.

But…i’m too annoyed with this…want to sell but not sure…I will just use it as head wig model. i hope the head is not too odd and the wig i will make using the head can be used by other dolls