Good Fabric for Doll? (or No (>3>)””

While ago, i bought a very ‘good’ fabric for doll clothes. At least, i thought SO. The fabric is thin but not sheer, very flowing, color is exactly like i want, and the price is not too expensive. It’s cotton.

I made doll clothes with this fabric 3 times, including latest project. I wasn’t unsure already with this fabric when i worked the first project but i thought, ah, may be coincidence. Yet, on 3rd project, i just O.o. The fabric wasn’t appeared as expected for a gown i made. O.o . It’s EASILY wrinkle! I ironed it again but yet, when i put it on doll body, it was like stretched here and there and caused wrinkle. No, the clothes isn’t too tight. it was even loose when i tried on another body.

Honestly, until now, i’m still unable to guess whether a fabric is good for doll UNTIL i made something with that fabric.