The ‘Key’ in Yukata Project

after sewing ‘lots’ of yukata, i just realized few minutes ago that (one of) the key is on the length. The length must be right so the ‘excess’ on the waist part to be covered by obi won’t leave too much wrinkles. That’s of course, besides the width of the yukata; it is important, too, but i think, the length is same important as the width. I made yukata for about 60cm doll but i made the ‘length’ of yukata 2cm (or more) more than that. I couldn’t understand, why the wrinkles were still a lot while the i’d reduced the width. I then analyzed a bit and got an idea to shorten the length. voila! Wayyyy better. The yukata becomes more manageable easier too.

These are before i cut the length


dont mind abt the obi. hahaha. i just used whatever stripes around my working room. the left batik one is kind of cotton fabric. i think it is parish or rayon. not really thick rayon but thin. i like the fall on the body.

the right one is crepe. it is amazing! this fabric falls better on bjd than satin, chiffon, and thinner satin.

i cant stand to serge the seam though it was an r&d project. XD