A Story In Dolly World

I’ve been watching and experienced it myself…

some people just want to play

some people take a chance to try sell a little handmade for dolls

some people ruin others because they don’t have doll and get jealous over others

some people just get jealous over everything (not just dolly)

some people get threatened that their sale gets competition

some people just don’t want to see others happy (with their doll) (just love to ruin happiness. Because the doll brings happiness to the owner, so they ‘kill’ the doll by insulting and give inferior feeling to the owners)

some people just want to compete to get acknowledged by others

some people just want to take it for granted from dolly owner by trying to be their friends

some people is happier when getting friends to play doll with

Bjd, dolls are lovely but the owners sometimes are well…have their own motive why they own dolls and their motive are not always lovely.

I’ve been in this hobby for years and last time, i met several jerks in this hobby. They tried to kill my passion with dolls by doing nasty things; backstabbing, negative talking behind, gapping, attacking things i do for my dolls, etc, etc. In the end… it’s all about money, existence, acknowledgement. Now, those people get those, they act like ‘angels’ and ‘good’ people.

Some people have tried to make me uncomfortable in this hobby, yet, sorry, who are they? They didn’t buy me dolls, they have NO MEANING to me. Although i still hate them for negative talking, talking lie, and all they did to me, yet, they can’t take me out from MY dolly world.

I started this hobby ALONE, knew this hobby by myself in the first time (not from them), been playing relatively alone for years. Who are they?

Good thing, I got good friends in this hobby, too. Friends who just want to play and enjoy this hobby same as I do…