Slow Crafting and Sewing

I’ve been ‘busy’ with the boys. Getting busier, for exactly. Every time i am about to sew or make something, they scream or yell like crazy for whatever cause. Sometimes I just ignore it and leave it to the nanny but cant do that too long. In the end, i’ll be checking them out. My mood will just whoosh, disappeared all of sudden. TAT.

The annoying part in doing crafting and sewing is managing my mood. With that mood-stopper, it’s hard to craft or sew. I made wrong pattern because i was stopped while doing that either i stopped myself or my boys did. I continued the pattern on the next day (if lucky) or some other days and that’s why i forgot what I was planning about. I still don’t know how to organize the work. May be i should keep a diary so i remember what to do next? or…? Goodness, my brain is full of those little boys!

I’m pretty ashamed to use ‘create’ verb or ‘creation’ noun for my work. Feel like, the quality of creativity as well as techniques has decreased or has nothing new for long time. I’m sad and disappointed at myself but it’s inevitable. Right now, just able to sew has already made me happy. I can’t expect higher than that. I’m just doing my best to keep myself sane.