Some R&D

IMG-20160317-WA0000 IMG-20160317-WA0001


Been making several bras with different pattern and finishing techniques. Oh, yes, since it’s 100% WIP, I didn’t really sew it very-very neatly. It’s a quick sewing. Perhaps only those denim-red-star that I sew seriously (especially the with-string bra. The bottom one is also another trial)

The two upper row-left ones are actually ok. It’s just too sporty and conservative look. The bottom one is good but i still can’t find a better (easy) way to sew it. The yellow right-hand one is good one. I like it. I will correct the shape later and mark it in my master pattern as it is for bikini style. (^_^). Oh, forget the un-balanced red string. hahaha. I just put it so the bra can hang properly. Resin is too slippery to hold this bra. It’s ok with others but with this one, as it is low front bra, it’s quite slippery to go down. I just sew it a.s.a.p so i can see how the bra on the body

There are still about 2-4 pattern by myself to try. Point is I want to look for a better shape and more important is, i want to practice sewing bra in term of technique.


model: Narae