Want To Create But … :(

So frustating…

Want to create things aka sewing things but it’s like no time or the situation doesn’t permit. Goodness, my kids.

Actually, doll clothes can be made by crocheting but I don’t know…I prefer sewing. I’m not too fond of crocheted clothes for doll. Perhaps, I take dolls like myself. I mean, I don’t like wearing crocheted clothes. It’s like too heavy and hot. Perhaps, unless in my country, there’s winter, I would like it.

So frustating for unable to do anything.

I wish my boys are going to school soon. I wish they ll get full day school. So tired.

New bag! (Review coming soon)

Made this bag for personal use. I have reviewed it if i make it for sale. It will be ok for sale if i make it long time ago but i guess i have grown now. I have learned a lot, thought a lot, tried lots of (new) things (in terms of crafting).

So many things i want to do now. I dont know which one to prioritise. Akh! I guess i will be blogging for a while.

How to sew rubber and plain waist band

This tutorial is the best for sewing rubber and plain waist band combination. Not too difficult if you are usual to sewing. It’s all about hand coordination. I think, measuring and deciding how long is the rubber band needed is ‘more’ difficult than sewing it. Not because it’s rubber band, the fitting is guaranteed. If we wrong in measuring it, it can be useless as well as too tight.



A thought of hobby

sometimes i wonder, until when i will be in doll hobby. until when i am still slow to sell my handmade dolly things? sometimes, some obstacles are really stupid but unavoidable.

my dolly world was ruined by few jerks in the past. i havent recovered 100%. still holding a grudge. now i just play dolls outside the community. no more big community. no fun. only fight and fight. stupid. all they pursue is destroying each other

i guess i should just focus on myself and my hobby rather than stupid shit happened to me.

playing alone sometimes boring but healthier

Existence Stage

Yes, every one need one for what they do, including crafting or sewing or else. Why would we destroy other’s stage? So our stage look better than theirs? That’s cheap.

Everyone has RIGHT to show their talent in any (positive) ways and everyone who just loves to ruin other’s ‘stage’ are just cheap, mean, and guilty. No matter excuses created, no matter reasons created, cheap, mean, guilty. Period.

Some people might have ugly family background so they potential to be such cheap people, yet, to be like that is actually their own choice. I believe, people can feel if the mean intention comes to mind. It is their option to follow or not. To destroy other people’s stage is a decision.

It is also different from critics. If everything is buried under the term of critic, then everything is ‘legal’ or ok to destroy others. Pointing to negative or bad only or even the worse, create ones, is definitely not critics. Critics lead to solution, not just pointing here and there, insulting (but said as critic). That’s so stupid.



Riots At Sewing Room!

Never been this way before. My sons have been acting up lately. Goodness, I guess this is the very first time I did too many mistake in sewing and I was even missed few mistakes. I’m sleepy and lost my focus. Tired. The worse was the fabric i used needed pretty high concentration. Not because it’s silk or very exclusive fabric but it’s because the fabric is easily frayed. I have to be very careful when pulling the thread to fix the sewing. Goodness… I feel like I’m clothes surgeon now. I’m so tired

Bad Weather

Weather is very bad lately. It is hot! I put two fan in my sewing room area. Bad thing is, every time I took my kids there, they are always, always get sick. I feel sad. I couldn’t sew few days ago because of that. I can’t leave my boys or tell them to play somewhere else when they want to be with me. So, since I can’t let them in my sewing room, I followed them anywhere but not at sewing room.

Today, I took them to sewing room again. I thought, they’re healthy now but apparently, the wind from the fan might cause my boy’s stomach uncomfortable. He threw up everytime the rice in. TAT . So, I fed him a particular banana (the one that is very good for bad stomach, including gastric). He’s ok now but I’m still afraid to feed him rice.

I don’t think i can sew tomorrow or days ahead.

Stretch Fabric Learning || Result



This is the result. Must take off the faceplate when wearing this clothes on. I wonder, why it’s short? hahahaha. It’s always like that. Not that I didn’t want to make it longer but seems like it is always like that. I mean, my mind drives the result. I like sexy and cute clothes and somehow, it is always like that though I didn’t mean to. I wanted this dress a bit longer but it ends up like this. If i ever re-measured and made it longer, I believe, i might not like the result and thought, shorter is better. (^0^)”’. It’s perfect yet unexpectedly shorter than expected. Oh, well. I must satisfy myself and stop complaining.

For technical notes, please check out previous post. Thank you

Want to share but …. :/

I have unpleasant experiences with some people in sewing world, especially dolly world. One of them tried to make my sewing looks bad (this person isn’t better anyway >_>”’). The most sucking thing was this person RIGHT AFTER insulting and pointing in negative way about my sewing, this person (let’s name it zz) asked me about finishing of a project (doll clothes) I did in the past, long time even before i know zz. zz even asked me to take a clearer picture for zz to see. I said, just look for some reference in a doll store; They have a lot. I wonder, would a human can be so shameless? Even before, zz tried to criticize my work and I said, you do it, then, in a correct way. zz said, i can’t; all i can do is just talking. Shameless and low. zz is actually can sew but so far i know is a mess. I saw it myself from some buyers who showed me zz’s works as well as some stories I heard.

Sometimes I want to share my knowledge here but really, I don’t want to share it publicly that zz and gank can read it. Okey, I’m holding a grudge. Yes, I am. I have my own reason about this but those people are kind of backstabbers, bullying people (which only dare to do it online), and they’ll do the lowest thing to be able to get rid of people who they think might threat them (whether selling/business or just feel competitive in an ugly way). I don’t want to share with them nor they’ll find something or knowledge in my website. Haha. Very childish eh? but still, whatever you think about this post and me, only people who share the same experience might understand.

I might answer question from this web but introduce yourself in a good manner and inform from where you are. I answer or not is my privilege. If you push or spam, I will block your email for sure. No detail picture. Pictures are those on my website; I won’t take another picture for your pleasure.

Erasable Pen vs Erasable Spidol

I use erasable pen for sewing doll clothes. It was ok until lately. First when i serge the project with the marking was still there. When i washed it, goodness! It was hard to disappear. Second, today. I used brocade fabric for the clothes. I thought, it would be ok, no problem. All i need was to soak it over night. But today, i found the mark was still there! It is even more difficult to remove. I’m trying special remover now. I used the same pen on cotton. It was ok! .

I think, from now on, i must test the pen even it’s ok on other fabric. I think, for some fabric, i prefer Erasable Spidol though. I think, the ‘water’ is still a lot more than the color liquid. It’s easier to be removed. Oh, there are other kind of erasable/washable marker, a pencil. I think, it’s also easier to be removed. Yet, again, must try it first before trying on a ‘particular’ fabric.

So far, the erasable pen is relatively easy to be removed if i used it on satin-like fabric, cotton, sheer. I haven’t tried it on canvas or medium fabric. I usually prefer spidol over pen when working with thicker fabric.