Want to share but …. :/

I have unpleasant experiences with some people in sewing world, especially dolly world. One of them tried to make my sewing looks bad (this person isn’t better anyway >_>”’). The most sucking thing was this person RIGHT AFTER insulting and pointing in negative way about my sewing, this person (let’s name it zz) asked me about finishing of a project (doll clothes) I did in the past, long time even before i know zz. zz even asked me to take a clearer picture for zz to see. I said, just look for some reference in a doll store; They have a lot. I wonder, would a human can be so shameless? Even before, zz tried to criticize my work and I said, you do it, then, in a correct way. zz said, i can’t; all i can do is just talking. Shameless and low. zz is actually can sew but so far i know is a mess. I saw it myself from some buyers who showed me zz’s works as well as some stories I heard.

Sometimes I want to share my knowledge here but really, I don’t want to share it publicly that zz and gank can read it. Okey, I’m holding a grudge. Yes, I am. I have my own reason about this but those people are kind of backstabbers, bullying people (which only dare to do it online), and they’ll do the lowest thing to be able to get rid of people who they think might threat them (whether selling/business or just feel competitive in an ugly way). I don’t want to share with them nor they’ll find something or knowledge in my website. Haha. Very childish eh? but still, whatever you think about this post and me, only people who share the same experience might understand.

I might answer question from this web but introduce yourself in a good manner and inform from where you are. I answer or not is my privilege. If you push or spam, I will block your email for sure. No detail picture. Pictures are those on my website; I won’t take another picture for your pleasure.