Bad Weather

Weather is very bad lately. It is hot! I put two fan in my sewing room area. Bad thing is, every time I took my kids there, they are always, always get sick. I feel sad. I couldn’t sew few days ago because of that. I can’t leave my boys or tell them to play somewhere else when they want to be with me. So, since I can’t let them in my sewing room, I followed them anywhere but not at sewing room.

Today, I took them to sewing room again. I thought, they’re healthy now but apparently, the wind from the fan might cause my boy’s stomach uncomfortable. He threw up everytime the rice in. TAT . So, I fed him a particular banana (the one that is very good for bad stomach, including gastric). He’s ok now but I’m still afraid to feed him rice.

I don’t think i can sew tomorrow or days ahead.