Existence Stage

Yes, every one need one for what they do, including crafting or sewing or else. Why would we destroy other’s stage? So our stage look better than theirs? That’s cheap.

Everyone has RIGHT to show their talent in any (positive) ways and everyone who just loves to ruin other’s ‘stage’ are just cheap, mean, and guilty. No matter excuses created, no matter reasons created, cheap, mean, guilty. Period.

Some people might have ugly family background so they potential to be such cheap people, yet, to be like that is actually their own choice. I believe, people can feel if the mean intention comes to mind. It is their option to follow or not. To destroy other people’s stage is a decision.

It is also different from critics. If everything is buried under the term of critic, then everything is ‘legal’ or ok to destroy others. Pointing to negative or bad only or even the worse, create ones, is definitely not critics. Critics lead to solution, not just pointing here and there, insulting (but said as critic). That’s so stupid.