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Boy’s Uniform

August 11th, 2017

I made boy clothes lately. School ‘free’ uniforms, and now, pants. It’s not easy to make them the right way. Of course, it looks ok but actually, there were small mistakes and ‘imperfection’. It’s quite tricky to sew this kind of ‘seamless’ pattern on the opener side. I also forgot that my teachers once taught […]

had been learning to sew this technique. This is plain waistband on the front and back and sides are with rubber. It’s actually not difficult but a bit tricky. The technique can be seen here¬† In sewing plain waistband, I don’t one detail in the technique that is the position of the interfacing. I don’t […]

Making Clothes

January 13th, 2016

  It is simple designs but I do finishing in unusual way. I don’t know since when but i like using ‘full’ lining now when making clothes. It is not necessary but i feel it has to be that way. The aplique was sewn by hand. Tweet

Balloon Dress, some notes

June 28th, 2014

    After making 2 balloon dresses, i conclude: 1. Better use regular zipper than invisible zipper. Especially when on the waist part, there’s gathers. Gathers make thickness which will make zipper difficult to pass. Even if it can, the look is ugly. Better to use regular zipper and sew it neatly. 2. Add 1 […]

Memory of Lovely Outfits

March 10th, 2014

    These were for local fashion event before they were ruined by a stupid laundry and dry cleaning shop just a day before official photo taking. I took those photos before i sent them to hell laundry shop. I really hate them. I didnt and wouldnt manage to finish 8 clothes including remake those […]

Black Dress

March 10th, 2014

  Ah this time is human dress. My size. Haha. This dress was supposed to be 2 pieces which were bustier dress and brocade dress. Yet, i wanted to try another technique of my own. So i made it into 1 piece dress. It’s still undergoing. I am satisfied so far. Very fit to my […]

  As the title said, the project is all abt the underskirt. Underskirt in this project was meant to maintain the dress shape The first dress’ skirt has A line shape and the second dress’ skirt has upside down U or tulip shape. Thus, the underskirt is different. The different is in how dense the […]

  I love this dress so much. So perfect with her character. The top grey part is chiffon, lined with tulle. I think, i put myself in trouble by using tulle. O.o. the bottom part or skirt is velvet. Hmmm…i am not sure whether velvet is good for doll size but in this dress matter, […]

Dress for Bazaar #3

April 12th, 2013

  Belt is done and add one more layer (yellow) with frill. It’s so cute, now. It wasn’t a dress at the beginning but seems like it would be too short if person who wears it has big tummy. So, I added one layer. It’s pretty now. Check out 2 ways of using belt. The […]

Stocking For Bazaar

April 3rd, 2013

  This is my first batch of items for my bazaar. There’s one more dress like this. This is for human size. haha. A friend thought, it was for kids (^O^)”’. Still need a little more finishing. The design is pretty simple, inspired by someone who passed me by when i was in my first […]