Balloon Dress, some notes



2014-06-28 21.03.29


After making 2 balloon dresses, i conclude:

1. Better use regular zipper than invisible zipper. Especially when on the waist part, there’s gathers. Gathers make thickness which will make zipper difficult to pass. Even if it can, the look is ugly. Better to use regular zipper and sew it neatly.

2. Add 1 cm when there’s gathers on the waist part. Add up to 1.5cm 2cm when there’s separate underskirt included.

3. Balloon skirt is best when i put frills layers between the main fabric and lining. So, it’s like filling in between the fabric. AND, i think, that’s why it’s called balloon dress. (^O^). Like a balloon, we need to fill it in with air while in case of skirt, we need to fill it with frills layers to make it bloom (^_<)