It Is Not About The Dresses,It’s About The Underskirt!




As the title said, the project is all abt the underskirt. Underskirt in this project was meant to maintain the dress shape

The first dress’ skirt has A line shape and the second dress’ skirt has upside down U or tulip shape. Thus, the underskirt is different. The different is in how dense the gathers for ruffle we make. There’s specific formula for me to do this except one thing: length of maximum fabric for gathers is 3 times the circumference of the skirt part on which we want to sew on the gathers or ruffle.

For example: waist 65cm. Prepare 3x65cm fabric for dense gathers. If ruffle will be on hip which is 90cm, prepare 3x90cm for dense gathers.

In my A line skirt, top ruffle is not as dense as lower ones. And in my tulip skirt, top to middle ruffles are pretty dense. Bottom ruffle is not too dense. Just may be 2 x circumference.