Wig Project no 1.5


This was supposed to be my first trial but it was postponed because I ran out of fiber. Haha.

I changed the technique in the middle that why the right side of the parting line is kind of thicker than the left side (>-<)”’ .

I haven’t ironed the wig yet but already cut it. I haven’t had any knowledge about hair cutting so, yes, it was a mess. (^O^)”’.

I annoyingly hide my doll face. (>u<)


Using viscose fibers seems easy as it’s soft and in my case, it’s straight but in reality, it is super soft and fine that i can say, it’s ‘fragile’ and easily separated. Once it’s separated uncontrollably, it becomes a disaster.  So, I have to separate it very carefully so, i have minimum fibers to waste.

  • I use  tooth pick to separate it and then while picking separated fibers with my right hand, my left hand hold/push the rest of fibers so they wont stick to the fibers i’m picking.
  • I then glue the tip of fibers i pick. So, it won’t be separated anymore as well as easier to put on the wig cap. I figured out about this while experiencing the trouble  but then someone show me the video about it and then I aaah…ok, I’m on the right track.

Those two are very important to start. How to put it on the wig cap etc, you can search it in youtube or support an artist video by paying it. I heard from a friend, Andreja made a video about it but we have to pay to see it. (^_<)d