Shirt-Around-Waist Pants

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because i was too lazy to make two pants, I made 1 pants but put the shirt on in different way. That’s why you see left and right side are different. It’s not a mistake. It’s intended. Personally, I like the left picture. It’s more natural. When I wrap my shirt around waist, it is like that.



When wrapping, i pull up the back of the shirt. As you see, it look ‘folded’ inside. It’s because i pull up the shirt. Somehow, it looks more natural dan if i just let the shirt pulled down. It looks too tight on the hips.

Pattern technique:

You have to know how to make shirt and pants. I won’t give you any pattern of it as it’s BASIC sewing. You can find it anywhere in google or buy it from simplicity or purchase burda sewing magazine.

If you have known the technique, here I just want to share where to begin with.

I didn’t use the collar. I thought about it but it’s not necessary even if i want to make it look close to as if the real shirt is wrapped around pants/waist.

I start the pattern from the lower shoulder ‘line’.

The arm sleeves are FULLY made. and sew to the bodice like usually we do when sewing shirt. In this case, that lower shoulder back and front must be ‘a bit’ sew so the sleeve can be sewn on.

After that,  arrange the ‘line’ of lower shoulder back to the front on the pants waist and sew it on.

I actually serge the shirt. It’s difficult to explain how I do it even if I show the pic. My suggestion is, just serge it as you usually do, and you’ll find  a way how to do it next (aka sewing to the waist) naturally. It’s actually easy but a bit ‘confusing’ when doing serge on the sleeves part. Yet, as I said, just do it as you usually do and the rest will come naturally. It’s OK though if you don’t want to serge. Here, i just want to say that it’s POSSIBLE to serge.

This pants is kind of trend but not too hits. My friend asked me to make one. She gave me an example picture which the placement of the front shirt on the waist is like the right picture. She actually gave me not too clear picture. The focus of of the camera is ok but the pattern of the pants is kinda confusing and makes me hard to read how the maker sew the pants. So, I just figured out myself about the pattern. All I want is the shirt can be natural look when it’s wrapped around the waist.

My problem now is finding the right fabric. I thought this shirt fabric is thin enough. It may be thin but how it falls is stiff! I’m still going to finish this project because I’ve been thinking of using softener to tame the fabric. Checker fabric for making shirt like this do not have many option in terms of kind of fabrics.