Finally, An Accordion Wallet (>_<)

20150221_094357 20150221_091947

My niece ordered a wallet for her mom so her mom won’t take her new wallet I made for her. Hahahaha. She said, bigger wallet than her wallet and bills can be kept there. Big size isnt my thing. I’d been wondering the design until I remember, this kind of common design. It wasn’t kind of original design since this kind of wallet is a lot out there (^_^). So, I made this wallet for her mother. This is my first try of making this kind of wallet. I hope, they like it, especially her mother. Haha.

Thank goodness, there are still (old) people loving kind of cute things.

PS: I want to write the tutorial but i think this kind of wallet isn’t difficult to make. By looking the inside, I think, how to make it is quite ‘imagine-able’. I just want to write small note of tips later.