Struggling: Ordinary Sewing Life of A Mother

just to make this simple bag, i have to struggle. While listening to the screaming boys around (fighting between themselves or picking up fight with me etc. goodness), being disturbed by their activities around me, and being interrupted by other things, i do my best to make some bags for souvenir for some ppl i want to appreciate. There are another 1 finished and 1 WIP. I messed up bcs of lack of concentration but things ran well in the end.  Thank God. Will make more like this with different fabric pattern.

I wish to sell something like this but of course, i must take a longer time to make it more carefully so the quality will be better than this one. I am trying to meet the deadline for these bags. So, some parts that shouldnt be sew by machine, i did it. Perhaps, i also miss  0.5mm sometimes. Haha. Really, i’m a bit annoyed if i do that when making bags. 😂😂. So, to make a more precise and better bag, i am going to spend more time to make 1 bag. Mood takes big portion here actually. With all those interruption, i struggle actually to make one even without deadline.


Finally, An Accordion Wallet (>_<)

20150221_094357 20150221_091947

My niece ordered a wallet for her mom so her mom won’t take her new wallet I made for her. Hahahaha. She said, bigger wallet than her wallet and bills can be kept there. Big size isnt my thing. I’d been wondering the design until I remember, this kind of common design. It wasn’t kind of original design since this kind of wallet is a lot out there (^_^). So, I made this wallet for her mother. This is my first try of making this kind of wallet. I hope, they like it, especially her mother. Haha.

Thank goodness, there are still (old) people loving kind of cute things.

PS: I want to write the tutorial but i think this kind of wallet isn’t difficult to make. By looking the inside, I think, how to make it is quite ‘imagine-able’. I just want to write small note of tips later.


Fat Hand Bag (or Just Fat Pouch?)

My sewing machine almost couldn’t handle the thickness. May be I should try another method. Changing needle to bigger one isn’t always the ‘right’ option form me. It works but I’ll try another technique.

Just got an idea today to make this into small sling bag. I think, it would be cute (>_<).