Pattern, I make them myself!

It’s a short ‘story’ from me.

I make sewing patterns myself, for doll, for bag, for clothes, etc. Unless I stated otherwise, the pattern is original by ME.

I usually take a measurement myself (unless, I used industrial sizing which is usually for ready-to-wear clothes). For dolls, I take measurement one by one and draft a basic pattern for each. From that, I will derive lots of patterns like simple bustier, casual, dress, etc.

I bought some doll clothes book to learn the technique of sewing. I found that sewing doll clothes is NEW and DIFFERENT from what I’d been learning from sewing course. I also notice how other seamstress sew their beautiful clothes. Sometimes I buy one for learning purpose (whatever…I just love their work (>__>)””…).

I always pursue of original pattern of mine. Not in sewing but also crocheting, etc. Books are for reference but I rarely make one from them. I think, lately, I just read them. (^o^)”’. In crafting, I only take one course which is sewing and it’s not enough. I learn from the book as well. In knitting and crocheting, I learn by myself from books and internet. I’m still learning until now and don’t know when will stop. Every project I make leads me to a new learning no matter how simple it is.