Beach Style For My Little Doll

yosd volks basic blouse and pants.

The pants are based on the very basic pattern made by me. For non-stretchy fabric, it’s ok, but I must add some mm if the fabric is not stretchy. The fit is great. Volks Yosd has the smallest size for pants among ae and aidolls. It’s pretty slim. So, if you are going to buy a pants which is pretty fit for Volks Yosd, please consult the seller whether it would fit to another brand.

I like the top. I sew it with different technique I used even on MSD size. It’s great for small size though as long as I sew it right and neat. The waist length blouse is cute that it shows the doll’s belly (>w<)d…

I serged everything though. I don’t think I want to cut zig zag on the seam edge on this project. Besides, this project is serge-able, so, when it’s possible, SERGE IT! (>_<)d.


all patterns are made by me from scratch. I measured my doll and made patterns based on that.