My First (Done) Doll Bra

pic20130801114606 pic20130801125039


This is my first doll bra. Not my very first but it’s my first ‘done’ confidently doll bra. Haha.

I didn’t sew the string because my target were the cup and whole fitting. When it’s ok, The string can be sewn later. So far, this is great and I’m satisfied with the result. Yet, I’m still thinking about more options for finishing technique.

The right pic is showing how I sew the ‘inside’. There’s nothing special about it. I just sew and then serge the side. So far, for this kind of pattern and ‘size’, this technique is the easiest. If i serged it neater, it might be better but it’s already good in my opinion. Haha. Anyway, that yellow thread. Haha, I was just lazy to change it into white one. I didnt’ mean this bra is the ‘last’ fixed one. It’s my second attempt, yet, done well, of doll bra making.