been getting email from this store, promoting discount on their yarns. I’m always drooling over their offering though always ended up in disappointing about quality. Not that it is bad but sometimes, between ‘one type of products’, there is not much difference for ME (ok. for me). Only slightly differences but nothing much or feel. Their products are affordable though. So, without discount, it makes me drool already. There are variety of yarns, a lot, but it is like…how to say it?…what i feel about their product, it’s not ‘special’ in terms of quality. The colours, the type of yarns, etc. Some yarns are unique though but I don’t know. It is just so so.

I bought a more expensive yarn from another company long time ago. The idea of the yarn was many colours on the yarns. When I knitted (or crochet? I forgot), it was soooo beautiful. Then, years after that, I bought ‘same-concept’ yarns from this cheaper store. When I crocheted it, i was like O.o”’… How come it becomes so ugly? I mean, ok, abstract but sometimes, there are some un-neat colouring and the length of the colour on the yarns is not the same. Like for example, colours are pink, red, white, grey and repeated. The grey on next repetition has different length than the previous grey. Sometimes, the red ‘spot’ is also seen on grey part. It’s just too abstract and the result somehow isn’t pretty for me to look at.

I’m trying to finishing the yarns from this company into some projects. I’m making bag now. Perhaps, next time, hat.

I must stop seeing their website and save money for others or other store’s yarns which are better in terms of quality.

I will spend money on Japanese yarns next time. I like Canadian yarns before but they have closed their online stores and moved to amazon. They did reopen the online store but it was confusing how to purchase as well as yarns i want was already discontinued.

Knitting now

It’s been years may be…i haven’t knitted. I’m taking knitting project because well I don’t know why actually. Haha. Perhaps, because I wanted to crochet but bored with it so I knit. While knitting, i realize something I should do when I was really really newbie to knit. May be, when my mind is sorted well, I will write about it. It’s kind of thoughts before getting deep into knitting, like what knitting needle should one buys, making gauge, stitch calculation, etc.