Zig Zag vs Serge

Inside Look WIP


I forgot to give wider seam allowance as I wanted to use the fabric efficiently. Haha. I then realized, oh, boy. So, I tried zig zag. It’s a good chance since i haven’t had a chance to tried zig zag for seam ‘finishing’.

Here are my review:

1. Not all fabrics are suitable for this. Including cotton. I did zigzag but the fabric still frayed.

2. I still prefer serge/overlocking the seam though. Yet, the thickness is something i must handle.

3. May be…maaaay be, I should use special interfacing for some fabric. So, when I cut it zig zag, it’s still safe.

4. I ‘handsew for finishing’ the sleeves hole. May be next time, I just don’t have to serge the hole part, instead, I’ll do handsew for finishing (not for attaching, but finishing the seam edge). And the rest of the seam, I’ll just serge it.


It looks ok from outside but pretty dangerous after washing it. The fraying may be inevitable. I’ll just try washing it and then give it a review again.