Upgrading The Sewing Machine

I just bought an industrial sewing machine. I realised I needed it when I was working on a souvenir project. Using my lovely janome sewing machine was ok but there were small interruptions regarding to the capability of sewing machine. Those small interruptions gathered into quite amount of time needed to fix this and that. The result was ok but sometimes not stable in terms of stitch length. May be I was supposed to use walking feet (sewing feet type). I didn’t think of it, but then I remembered anyway and my walking feet was lost. Haha. So, well. Before I remembered, I had decided to buy an industrial sewing machine.

The industrial sewing machine is kind of my ‘grail’ sewing machine. Been wanting it so much but I hadn’t bought it yet. Always think, I still could handle it with my janome. Always like that, until I experienced ‘regular’ experience like I said above. It was like, I can’t do this anymore. I need something more sophisticated.

So, here I bought a TYPICAL sewing machine. It’s new type. I forgot the type. Haha. The dynamo is not outside. The machine sound is very very soft. Softer than my janome! The speed can be arranged, the lowest is 1000 but i can lower it with how i push the pedal. The starting electricity watt requires 500W but then, on stand by mode on, it’s only 45W. 

I’m still torturing the machine as well as adjusting to it. The sewing itself is now better in terms of there’s no such small interruptions and efforts that accumulated into quite amount of wasted time and tiring energy. Yet, because it’s my first time using it, i still can’t sew as fast as I have expected. I even laughed at myself today because I was so lost in focus. While busy adjusting to my new sewing machine, I didn’t notice the sides of the fabric and so on. Goodness! Silly mistakes. Even so, it was compensated with how the sewing machine handled the thickness over time as well as how smooth the sewing machine do it’s job. 

I also use thicker sewing threads this time. Threads that I find it is not really fit into my lovely janome (it can be used so far i remember but somehow, there will be some little troubles like messy threads or ‘broken’/’damaged’ threads when I sew using it). I really like it. 

The ‘stitch’ is also strong even without doing forward-back-sewing function (what is it in official term? Haha). Yet, I use it anyway, combined with my regular technique to lock the stitch (I got the technique long time ago when having sewing course).

May be one thing that I would say as ‘light’ weakness is that I have to provide more spools for one project. Haha. No wonder, the sewing machine provides two sticks to place threads. As my seller said, one is for making spool, the other one is for sewing. I usually provide one spool for one color, unless in know the sewing will be a lot. Now, in the future, i must provide minimum 3 spools for 2 projects. May be minimum 2 for 1 project.

Well, i hope, this sewing machine will help me to sew a better quality projects. I still use janome for doll sewing. Haha. I think, it’s more comfortable to use for doll clothes sewing. For big projects like my own clothes or bags, for sure, I prefer Typical sewing machine. May be for some clothes, I prefer my old vintage sewing machine. It’s very slow and is very good to make gathers. Haha. 

Anyway, the brand name of sewing machine is TYPICAL. It’s not that typical like ‘typical’ meaning in dictionary. The series is Typical GC6-28D Direct Drive. 

My seller is the BEST! He provided me with imported sewing machine table. It’s very pretty. I thought, i was going to be given a regular table I’ve always seen.