Spandex Bikini for BJD

crobi bikini project done 1a20130902_122227

I used spandex for my first bikini project for SD size doll. Spandex: slippery and stretchy. Pretty difficult to tame with my ordinary sewing machine.

Some notes I took while doing this:
1. use zigzag seam for some parts but it’s not demanded.

2. carefully choosing the stitch size.

3. feet pressure must be set carefully. Too loose may not make the fabric move. I chose in the middle.

4. some parts measurement can be reduced some mm-s because when we sew it, it would be stretched out by nature.

5. i can serge spandex. (^o^)d. So happy to know this. Will practice more again about spandex serge …

It was funny that horizontal band on the bra became looks like a real bra. I was making it horizontal, ‘flat’ on the front but it became like that when I wear the bra on my doll. O.o”’.

I might reveal the inside peeking of this project in password protected form post. I don’t know some people who used to attack my work read and take advantage from it.