My Sewing Course Notes #1

There are 4 kind of clothes:

1. Haute couture

This one is very special, OOAK, fabric and materials are special. Fabric may be designed special for one type of clothes. Sewing technique is high and fine.

2. Pret a Porter Deluxe

This one is is below haute couture. Fabric can still be found on stores yet it’s the exclusive one. Sewing technique is high and fine. Combined with handsewing, too. Not always OOAK though.

3. Ready to wear

Fabric may be special as well yet only for that brand. Definitely not OOAK, sewing is done by machine without neglecting sewing SOP (standard operation procedure. Haha). So, the sew is still neat.

4. Mass product

Ah, this one. Made as much as it can, all done by machine, sewing SOP mostly are neglected. Fabrics are not special. Price is very-very low.


My teacher taught me that and I was so enlightened. Based on that, I can decide which clothes or ‘handmade’ I’m going to sell, to what kind of customer, at what price. I’m not afraid to use sewing machine for finishing touch. My teacher even encouraged me to use it for clothes I’m going to sell.