Hats: Searching my original pattern

Hat...it's pretty math. XD


I’m making my own original pattern of hat. It’s simply because  I want to be free of being dependent  to others people pattern. I want to know how it is make so I know how to modify it into many style in the future.

It’s pretty math here. haha I was pretty good in geometry back then…hahaha. So, i applied it a little bit.

How did I make it?

IT IS A SECRET. (^u^)…

Yet, I read my japanese hat books today. I want to refresh myself about the finishing technique. I noticed that making a hat is a bit ‘drappery’ thing. No such a basic pattern like clothes. It’s so different. There IS a ‘basic’ pattern but it’s not like clothes. I mean, not much calculation etch to make it. Only 2 measurement that we need: the round head length and the length from ear to ear. Not really complicated, yet, at the same time, the pattern is ‘free’. I mean, we can make it as we want and it still works!

That pic is actually not my first pattern. It’s my second one (i have the 3rd one…haha). The first one? it worked. The 3rd? It worked as well. I can’t say it’s a failure…it’s just  different shape but both are succeed patterns.

The key of hat shaping is (so far I notice) on the ‘curve’ of the parts/slices. (I’ve revealed small secret here (^.<)). We can play with that. We can create a hat based on that and then cut the hat here and there and voila! We get a new pattern with ‘abstract’ slices shape. I haven’t tried it though but I think, It will work, too.