YoSD Size Project




back                                                                     lining

*I think, you might have to set the monitor light at maximum because the fabric is pretty dark and my camera didn’t capture the detail clearly.

I must take a note here for myself about where to sew first.

1. Middle Front and Back. Back is sew only about 1/3, left 2/3 for the opening.

2. Put Front and Back part on the CROTCH part. Leave the side un-sew yet.

3. Sew shoulders B and F together.

4. Repeat for the lining.

5. Sew together the main fabric and lining on the leg-holes part.

6. Sew together the neck line, main and lining.

7. Sew the sleeves, each main and lining.

8. Sew the lining side up to the bottom of the sleeves.

9. Pull the fabrics, main and lining out of the hole of the middle back-opening.

10. Sew the side of main fabric up to the bottom of the sleeves.

11. Repeat for the other side.

12. Sew together the middle back of main fabric and lining.

a. one side is sewn by hand. Fold inside and sew by hand.

b. one side is serged. Don’t need to fold inside. To make it easier to be serged, we can stitch it together or sew it together first and then serge it on top of the seam.


I can make it easier or sew it easier but here in my project, my goal is to attach the lining as neat as possible (‘main fabric seam’ is less seen). The fitting isn’t the main concern here but the shape is. I was aiming to make a ‘clown’ or ‘bear’ costume shape. It’s pretty basic pattern i made here, yet, from here, i wish to have time to develop the pattern into many cute style for YoSD size.

The size I made is for Asleep Eidolon size. Somehow, this size is the best since it’s a pretty ‘all-size’ YoSD size. I mean, i can use this size for Aidolls, Volks, and Momocolor. And because of the nature of the ‘figure-shape’ of the aidolls, the pattern turned out to be the best look on Aidolls. Isn’t that great?

I’m so happy with the result. I wish to have more time to develop this today but well…other priority must be served.