Changing Needle

Again, i forgot to check my sewing needle. When I sew, seems like the tip is not sharp anymore so it damaged the fabric a little bit. Thank goodness, i had a chance to change it so it wouldn’t give damage any further.

Checking the tip of needle and then changing the needle when it’s not too sharp anymore is important

  1. it eases the sewing. Somehow, the fabric can pass the sewing feet easier if we use the correct and GOOD quality of sewing machine needle.
  2. it also prevent the fabric damage. Blunt needles can damage the fibre like pull it. It leaves the fabric with thin lines on the fabric. The lines are formed because of the fibres that supposed to be on that lines are broken or pulled or damaged. In extreme case, it can create ‘wrinkle’ on the fabric.

Even in case of we are using a very good quality of needle, checking is a must and changing can be necessary. Sometimes, a very good quality needle is not broken or seems still sharp but it is not. It’s hard to detect but we will know the nature of the needle after lots of sewing hours.