Blue Mood

Didn’t do almost anycrafting for last 2-3 weeks. Mind and physics have been occupied with kids, future home, money, my super late package which the agent who bought the order for me made excuse for late delivery.

I am making a bag for myself now but the lateness of the supplier of sending the leather strap makes my mood goes down again. The bag is pretty easy to make but I’m in the middle of confusion to use cotton handle or leather one. Whatever. I’m totally not in a good mood to do crafting lately. Don’t know why. Feeling exhausted, desperate, sad, angry, useless, and all at the same time, especially when thinking of making doll clothes. Seems like, I feel angry. I don’t know how. May be because i want to play doll but don’t have time for it lately or even if I can, I’m not enjoying it.

Feel like want to take a break from the whole thing, think again, and start again. Feel like, i’ve been restarting everything many times. I’m getting bored but may be it’s a way that i have to take for a new adventure.