Nichan Craft Room ~ i Create! ♥♥♥

Nichan craft room started may be around 2008. I am not quite remember either. Haha. It’s my brand for my work. NCR style is fun, cute, and unique. I like working with colors, patterns, and shape. It may be odd but I always match the designs with colors and or patterns of the fabric (in sewing). It’s very important for me. I cant just grab fabrics and make it into something.

Cirque du Lamprette.

I am still confused whether to use this or myoo house for my doll crafts brand.

CDL has a memory toward something painful that i want to make it as a joke, entertainment while myoo house is the first name. Myoo is my expression when seeing something cute. Very suitable for naming doll craft i make for my cute dolls. I am thinking to use myoo house again.

My doll craft style is cute and playful. I am not a ‘lace-y’ person. I use it only when it supports the main design and enhances it. If it doesn’t, I won’t use it. I pursue neatness as well as good fitting result.


I never plan an exact style for ncr and cdl actually. What i mentioned above is based on my own watching. Haha. That’s what comes out from me naturally.

That’s a bit about nichan craft room and cirque du lamprette (myoo house).