Yukata-Back To Basic (Human Yukata)

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I have the book but i left it in my teacher’s house. So, i printed from internet. Anyway, after 3rd-not-so-satisfying patterns, i decided to use this pattern. I actually ‘learned’ about it but then since it was too confusing, i made it myself. And now, i went back to this pattern and tried to understand eventhough still a bit confusing. Result? With a bit different understanding, i found it that this is the BEST so far.


I’m also waiting for my purchased yukata. I want to know myself how a good-made-doll-yukata looks on my doll. I also want to know how they did the finishing, so if i want to make and sell yukata, my handmade quality will not be too faaaaar behind. (^O^)””’…

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Dress for Bazaar #3

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Bazaar dress #2


Belt is done and add one more layer (yellow) with frill. It’s so cute, now. It wasn’t a dress at the beginning but seems like it would be too short if person who wears it has big tummy. So, I added one layer. It’s pretty now.

Check out 2 ways of using belt. The belt width is inspired by Japanese Obi.

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Children Bracelet For Upcoming Bazaar

Posted by ncr on Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 Under Accessories

Made some bracelets to provide product variation in my booth. It’s for children. It can be for bigger person if they have ┬ásmall lower arms like me. Haha. Goodness, I think, I’m going to make one bigger than this but I don’t know. If the design is so cute like this, may be children size like this is more suitable. (~_~)”’


Children Bracelet

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Craft/Sewing blog + Doll blog

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Since, i’m too busy to maintain 2 websites, temporarily (for may be forever…), www.cirquedulamprette.com and www.nichancraftroom.com will be united into one web which is www.nichancraftroom.com (which if you type it, you’ll be directed to this blog). I’m using two names because of branding thing. I want to separate my doll clothes work from nichancraftroom’s works (which is human size).

Check out the special section of CDL gallery or category for my writing about doll clothes upadate.

Thank you (^_^)d

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NEW WEB, again (^O^)d

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Welcome to my new web again.

This address will be my ‘back-up’ website as well as my blog. I like a simpler presentation though which I’m preparing @ www.nichancraftroom.com/index.html. Yet, I’m quite busy with my twins and ‘small-long-time’ ambition about my crafting. So, it’s hard to find some minutes to upload my old photos and even current WIP projects picture to my website (-_-)””’. So far, I’m sending them to my flickr or my personal facebook (-_-)”’.


I will write more about my thought whether it’s only small tips or small thought about selling or such (though, I also find myself hard in selling my craft. Haha).


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