Working Plan

I think, sewing human clothes isn’t for me right now, not as a routine work. May be i should do it only once a month. The energy and focus take more than I can handle. I think, i should do small projects like doll clothes.

I’ll be going back to the ‘root’ of why I play dolls. I want to feel the fun i used to feel long time ago when i firstly play dolls and before knowing some assholes in the community. I want to create kind of lovely and cute clothes for my dolls. I want to have fun…no…i want to bring back the fun of playing dolls. Just me and my dolls.


Good Fabric for Doll? (or No (>3>)””

While ago, i bought a very ‘good’ fabric for doll clothes. At least, i thought SO. The fabric is thin but not sheer, very flowing, color is exactly like i want, and the price is not too expensive. It’s cotton.

I made doll clothes with this fabric 3 times, including latest project. I wasn’t unsure already with this fabric when i worked the first project but i thought, ah, may be coincidence. Yet, on 3rd project, i just O.o. The fabric wasn’t appeared as expected for a gown i made. O.o . It’s EASILY wrinkle! I ironed it again but yet, when i put it on doll body, it was like stretched here and there and caused wrinkle. No, the clothes isn’t too tight. it was even loose when i tried on another body.

Honestly, until now, i’m still unable to guess whether a fabric is good for doll UNTIL i made something with that fabric.


YoSD Casual Clothes Project

20140815_103722 20140815_103814


I never made yosd clothes ‘seriously’ before. I just made it. Looked ok. and that’s it.

This time, i take it a little bit more seriously in a more simple project. I make long pants for yosd and make sure the fitting is ok. I didn’t mean to make a ‘sexy’ very fit pants. I just want a casual pants, so the yosd will look as ‘young’ sd or as a kid. If you think making this kind of not-too-fit clothes is simple, not for me. It’s not an easy project actually. In my head, clothes must be fit and that thought drives my hand to create pattern. I rarely make a pattern that is a little bit loose (or not too fit). YET. I must say, i’m proud of myself that I managed to make it for this project only in ONE trial. Hahaha…I’m so happy!

The T-shirt is something i want to try as well. I didn’t serge it since i’m afraid, the fabric can be stretched out too much. Yes, I use stretch cotton fabric. There’re some notes I would like to share here:

1. Using zigzag is the best for hemming when you don’t have special machine to sew fabric like this.

2. I tried a sewing feet that was said for sewing this kind of fabric but I don’t feel it’s great in terms of sewing small curves which the doll clothes have.

3. There’s a special needle for that but since the needle is too expensive, i didn’t use it. (^o^)”’. Not, for this one.

4. I didn’t serge it but I trim it with zig-zag scissor.

5. Set the feet pressure not too high so the fabric can pass the feet more smoothly without being too much stretched out.

It’s a bit tricky when sewing this kind of fabric. Trial and error can happen. I did it in 1-2 trials. The good thing about using this fabric is, (may be) we don’t have to make the pattern as a strict good-fit one. It’s ok a bit too small or tight as the fabric will adjust itself to the body due to it’s stretch nature. But again…it’s own preference of how we want the t-shirt look like on the body, YET, in my personal opinion, I don’t take it too ‘strict’ when making the T-shirt pattern. (^_^)d.

Sometimes, I just want to play

20140801_154409 20140809_132014


Those are my new work for my dolls. i’m going to sell them but somehow… I don’t know…somehow, I just feel, I just want to play my dolls without thinking of having business with it.

Sometimes, I feel discouraged to do business (again) but some good words came out from good people and encouraged me to do it again.

I guess…I’ll try again.


Anyway…I would like to say a bit about the bustier thing. I chose sailor fabric and color theme to make this one. Sailor clothes is great but a bit boring since it’s too many seen. I want to give another ‘look’ of sailor theme by making this super sexy yet cute outfit.



Making pants for minifee, narae, and kdf (MSD slim)

20140713_134510 20140713_134558 20140713_134423 20140713_134400 20140713_123357


This is my first time makin side-slip pockets like this (I forgot the formal name. :D). This is not too difficult though need a bit trick. I put additional fabric same as outside fabric layered on top of the pocket which part is joined with the back side of the pants. We can absolutely use 1 fabric same as main fabric though. It’s just a trick so when the pocket is a bit ‘opened’ because of the pose of the doll, the difference of the fabric isn’t too obvious. It’s ok though to use different fabric to create a ‘difference effect’.

I serged the the fabric here. I use Singer White serging machine. I set up the machine so the serging result is not wide.

The fitting is great though I’m not good in taking photo to show how good it is :D. I will upload the pants for sale.

I’m still using sew-snap button instead ‘knocked’ one. I don’t know. I am still not confident to use that button. o.O”’


YoSD Size Project




back                                                                     lining

*I think, you might have to set the monitor light at maximum because the fabric is pretty dark and my camera didn’t capture the detail clearly.

I must take a note here for myself about where to sew first.

1. Middle Front and Back. Back is sew only about 1/3, left 2/3 for the opening.

2. Put Front and Back part on the CROTCH part. Leave the side un-sew yet.

3. Sew shoulders B and F together.

4. Repeat for the lining.

5. Sew together the main fabric and lining on the leg-holes part.

6. Sew together the neck line, main and lining.

7. Sew the sleeves, each main and lining.

8. Sew the lining side up to the bottom of the sleeves.

9. Pull the fabrics, main and lining out of the hole of the middle back-opening.

10. Sew the side of main fabric up to the bottom of the sleeves.

11. Repeat for the other side.

12. Sew together the middle back of main fabric and lining.

a. one side is sewn by hand. Fold inside and sew by hand.

b. one side is serged. Don’t need to fold inside. To make it easier to be serged, we can stitch it together or sew it together first and then serge it on top of the seam.


I can make it easier or sew it easier but here in my project, my goal is to attach the lining as neat as possible (‘main fabric seam’ is less seen). The fitting isn’t the main concern here but the shape is. I was aiming to make a ‘clown’ or ‘bear’ costume shape. It’s pretty basic pattern i made here, yet, from here, i wish to have time to develop the pattern into many cute style for YoSD size.

The size I made is for Asleep Eidolon size. Somehow, this size is the best since it’s a pretty ‘all-size’ YoSD size. I mean, i can use this size for Aidolls, Volks, and Momocolor. And because of the nature of the ‘figure-shape’ of the aidolls, the pattern turned out to be the best look on Aidolls. Isn’t that great?

I’m so happy with the result. I wish to have more time to develop this today but well…other priority must be served.

Frill Lace Appliques, A Thought

2013-11-04 14.58.03




It’s been frilly lacey doll outfit since….forever? Haha. Some people make it beautifully yet a few others in my opinion just make it without a thought. Seems like the idea is giving lace and frill etc as many as possible and it would look good.

These are just some thoughts of mine:

1. Sometimes we dont have to use lots of frill and laces. Just use it sufficiently. Too many frill lace can bias the ‘theme’ of the outfit itself. It’s like the outfit is loosing itself. Unless, it’s themeless. haha.

2. Choose the lace as well as fabric for frill. Not all kind of clothes need the same  lace and frills and not all lace and  frills are suitable with the every design we make. Color, frill pattern or design, and size should enhance the whole design as well as the fabric of the clothes.

3. Don’t push it. If the frill and lace just ruins the whole look, just leave it.

4. Frill, laces, and applique can save ‘our sewing’ quality, yet, don’t depend on it. Sometimes, if our sewing is bad, it will look bad unless we put frill lace or appliqué  like a mummy bandage.

5. We can use some ‘unusual’ style of color of frill, lace, and applique but it will be better if we use colors that the pattern in the fabric has the same color. It needs a feeling to choose the color that looks good. Yet, sometimes, we just want to play with the colors and it may invite ‘critics’. I did that and I DON’T CARE. Some matched colors are so boring. So, try some color combination and pick the best (as well as adventurous) look. Present something new, offer a trend, rather than following common picks.

Off topic: My trends are sometimes duuuh or weird. My style is simple but sometimes, it’s not the ‘era’ to present that but I really don’t care. Really, years after that, people are starting to create that while I did that years ago. It’s a good thing if we can sew and have our own unique taste. It doesn’t have to be a heavy unique taste. Just know yourself, know your style, be comfortable with it.

Doll clothes are pretty when it comes with frill and lace (and applique) but if your style isn’t like that, don’t push it. Even so, sometimes, we want to decorate our ‘simple’ clothes. Do it but don’t go overboard. We don’t want to kill the design. Make sure that decoration will enhance our clothes not killing it. Sometimes, I saw some clothes with lots of frill and laces, and I just,”what are you trying to say with that clothes?” The story of the clothes has gone. UNLESS, you want to make that kind of clothes intentionally.

It’s just a thought from me about choosing and using frill,lace, and applique. It’s not for debated or argued. You may always choose whatever you like. I or your friends may not like it but it’s your choice in ‘frill and applique choosing’. If you’re comfortable with your picks, then go for it. My post here is just to give an idea as well as tips about using frill, lace, and applique on doll clothes and doll clothes itself.

Not all frilly and full of laces doll clothes are beautiful. Not all non frilly and laced  doll clothes are boring.