High Waist Skirt For Minifee

I don’t know where to start… It’s quite confusing me. I thought minifee body would be good if wearing skirt like this, high waist one and ‘pencil’ or I-silhouette skirt. When i made this, i thought, i made a mistake because of the fitting wasn’t too good. I remade and remade until it became good, but it wasn’t impressive. Then I was at a 90% conclusion that the body shape/type isn’t for this kind of dress. When we learn about fashion and body shape, sometimes, some shapes are good with kind of fashion style/silhouette and not good with others.

One day, i watched a korean drama and the actress wore quite same skirt style. The actress is actually sexy. I think, the body shape and ‘height’ is kinda minifee too. Not tall, thin, but sexy. When i saw her wearing the skirt, I didn’t see it as sexy as expected. It felt ‘plain’ to me, unlike when she wore A-line skirt or even denim pants. I thought at that time, it is the body shape! I wanted to enhance the side-silhouette of minifee body but ended up with ‘plain’ and ‘flat’ feel.

It’s interesting to know that when thought a body, whether human or doll, looks perfect but actually it can’t wear something better than other body. Well, of course, in the end it’s the owner of the body or doll that decide. They still can go go with it or not. So do I… i have my own opinion and i’m quite unhappy that i can’t dress up minifee with this kind of skirt. I’m going to try it with narae next time or bigger doll.

Sorry for not good picture…the thread is still seen. (^_^)” … It was right from the sewing machine, can’t wait to fit it on doll body. (^_^)”


I think, i have been too greedy; I want to sew and craft whenever i have time.

Today, i made patterns while in a cafe for about 1,5 hours. When i got home, i still wanted to do things. Yet, i didnt feel well and my sons wanted to learn something with me. So, i didnt continue anything.

I realized, i actually had done much. Making patterns, sewing, crafting for only 1-1.5 hours each day is already a lot! I guess, i have to accept that it is my limit. I have to set time for other things, including taking care of myself.


It’s not the first time but may be today is the most touching one and such a wake up call for me.

I shopped from an online store today. I supposed to make 2 quantity but i forgot. The seller already sent the items to me. I was so panic. I can make an order again but the shipping fee will be calculated again. He said, it’s ok. Next time, you shop from us, please order 2 and we will send 1 quantity. I said to him, actually, i want to buy again another size but still not sure. He said, it’s ok. No need to buy now. The most important is, your business runs (well) first.

I would like to underline that word.

The boss didn’t know that I haven’t opened my business officially. I mostly do it for fun or for ‘free’ stuff I’ll be giving as a gift to my boys’ friends. Yet, his words were such a wake-up call. Long before and after that, my friends also mentioned about same thing. They’re willing to buy, too.

I’m crying inside now. Knowing but not just ‘know’ but really know that i’m supported by the world to achieve my dream. What am I waiting for now? I’ve been being hesitated but I must stop now. It is the time. I want to take this whole positive energy as my fuel to realise my dream. I will go through the obstacles using this energy.

Thank you, God, for sending me good people with of course good words. My Christmas wish is please bless them all with Your kindness and peace. I hope, their life runs well and they can go through obstacles with Your bless.

Merry Christmas, every one. Let’s be kind to one another, be good to one another, and make a peace with one another.

Ganbatte all! Ganbatte of course ME!

Upgrading The Sewing Machine

I just bought an industrial sewing machine. I realised I needed it when I was working on a souvenir project. Using my lovely janome sewing machine was ok but there were small interruptions regarding to the capability of sewing machine. Those small interruptions gathered into quite amount of time needed to fix this and that. The result was ok but sometimes not stable in terms of stitch length. May be I was supposed to use walking feet (sewing feet type). I didn’t think of it, but then I remembered anyway and my walking feet was lost. Haha. So, well. Before I remembered, I had decided to buy an industrial sewing machine.

The industrial sewing machine is kind of my ‘grail’ sewing machine. Been wanting it so much but I hadn’t bought it yet. Always think, I still could handle it with my janome. Always like that, until I experienced ‘regular’ experience like I said above. It was like, I can’t do this anymore. I need something more sophisticated.

So, here I bought a TYPICAL sewing machine. It’s new type. I forgot the type. Haha. The dynamo is not outside. The machine sound is very very soft. Softer than my janome! The speed can be arranged, the lowest is 1000 but i can lower it with how i push the pedal. The starting electricity watt requires 500W but then, on stand by mode on, it’s only 45W. 

I’m still torturing the machine as well as adjusting to it. The sewing itself is now better in terms of there’s no such small interruptions and efforts that accumulated into quite amount of wasted time and tiring energy. Yet, because it’s my first time using it, i still can’t sew as fast as I have expected. I even laughed at myself today because I was so lost in focus. While busy adjusting to my new sewing machine, I didn’t notice the sides of the fabric and so on. Goodness! Silly mistakes. Even so, it was compensated with how the sewing machine handled the thickness over time as well as how smooth the sewing machine do it’s job. 

I also use thicker sewing threads this time. Threads that I find it is not really fit into my lovely janome (it can be used so far i remember but somehow, there will be some little troubles like messy threads or ‘broken’/’damaged’ threads when I sew using it). I really like it. 

The ‘stitch’ is also strong even without doing forward-back-sewing function (what is it in official term? Haha). Yet, I use it anyway, combined with my regular technique to lock the stitch (I got the technique long time ago when having sewing course).

May be one thing that I would say as ‘light’ weakness is that I have to provide more spools for one project. Haha. No wonder, the sewing machine provides two sticks to place threads. As my seller said, one is for making spool, the other one is for sewing. I usually provide one spool for one color, unless in know the sewing will be a lot. Now, in the future, i must provide minimum 3 spools for 2 projects. May be minimum 2 for 1 project.

Well, i hope, this sewing machine will help me to sew a better quality projects. I still use janome for doll sewing. Haha. I think, it’s more comfortable to use for doll clothes sewing. For big projects like my own clothes or bags, for sure, I prefer Typical sewing machine. May be for some clothes, I prefer my old vintage sewing machine. It’s very slow and is very good to make gathers. Haha. 

Anyway, the brand name of sewing machine is TYPICAL. It’s not that typical like ‘typical’ meaning in dictionary. The series is Typical GC6-28D Direct Drive. 

My seller is the BEST! He provided me with imported sewing machine table. It’s very pretty. I thought, i was going to be given a regular table I’ve always seen. 

How Many Times Do You Practice Before Making Real Project?

 #WIP #stillpractising


I’m making a project which design belongs to my favourite illustrator. The drawing is so cute and lots of details yet, few things are not clear enough. I couldn’t see what kind of collar she was intended to be. It was easy to assume it was just flat collar but I was not sure either, besides, i also added another consideration into my thought

There were kind of collars that i had to choose and some were fail. For each collar pattern, i practiced 2-3 times to sew the ribbon, then do fitting to see how the collar look on torso; if the look looked awkward, i put it on doll body. I wasn’t satisfied at all after some trials and decided to use another pattern, the one i was quite ‘pessimistic’ of how it would look. Apparently, it looked the best among other pattern I use. Yet, i was still not satisfied, so I modified the pattern a little bit. Each time, as i mentioned before, I practiced minimum 2 times to sew the ribbon on the collar.

Sewing the ribbon with that curve is not easy. There is techniques to try and of course need a concentration more than before to do it. Quality of ribbon affects, too. So, yess, I also tried some ‘different’ ribbons.

I practiced more than 15 times, trying about 5 patterns. Before making real project, i will make a prototype first using cheaper fabric. Last time, i was so sure to make on expensive fabric, the result wasn’t as expected. In a glance, it looks good but i’m not sure to represent it as ‘sell-able’ clothes (though I won’t sell my real project either…haha).


So, again, how many times did you practice before making a real project?

Or may be before that, Do you practice? Or sell right away to get money (even if the result is well not good? Or may be you believe it’s extraordinary work as someone still buys it?). I know some people who have extraordinary sewing skill that still do practice before selling and even they don’t, they still do a great job. I also know some people who have a not too good sewing skill and sell their messy handmade to get some quick money (no need to get offended. It’s reality. My friends have experience with that kind of people. So, i’m not talking bullshit here)

I’m not a professional seamstress, yet. Only selling a few. Yet, my soul is professional. My best friends who sew, too, AND not selling their handmade also have that professional soul. Even for ourselves, we want to do it correctly, well, properly, and decently. 

Practising Before Making

I’m having a Doll clothes project that will need some particular details that looks ‘easy’ to be done but actually not easy. Just because something looks simple, it means it’s easy to be done. It’s not.

Before I start my project, I had been practicing to make small pleat.

  1. I used varied ways, start from using particular sewing feet up to regular sewing feet. I ended up  making it in ‘manual’ way, using regular feet, mark the fabric using ruler, and pleat-sew it using sewing machine.
  2. I found that some fabrics are not good for creating small pleats like this. Small and ‘close’ pleat for exactly.
    1. Using thin and paper-feel linen fabric is the best but we can’t always use this fabric for our any project, like my current project.
    2. I found a very good fabric with colour I needed but the price is a big NO. I think, the store was a bit thrifty. The fabric was like ‘abandoned’ but they didn’t want to give more discount. Good quality one yes, but I am not sure either it’s kind of colour that will sold out quickly. The length is also too short for man clothes but the colour is rarely used for woman clothes. It’s also slightly dust-dirty as well (and i don’t know whether it can be washed or not). So, yes, NO buy.
    3. I used another fabric, brand TOYOBO. It’s cotton. the thickness is good for my project, it’s slightly thicker than i need but it’s ok. The texture is good. The price is good, too.
    4. There are several fabrics that actually i can use, too but again, sometimes, we can’t compromise with the design and the whole look we want to see.
    5. The problem that should be underlined is that when making pleats like this, we can feel, the fabric ‘becomes’  slightly stretchable. That’s why, I said before, the linen on no.1 is very good, because I didn’t feel the stretch too much. Yet, again, back to number 4.
  3. It’s difficult to make a consistent pleat width
    1. I used ruler to help at first but then I did another way.
    2. I fold the fabric and try to fold as same width as previous pleat and then sew it. The previous pleat position is not ‘opened’; if it faces to the left, then let it be. It is to make me keep focusing on the width pleat i’m sewing. I found it’s more difficult to do it when I change the previous pleat direction or open the previous pleat while sewing the current pleat. I’m always distracted and can’t sew it consistently.
  4. I used small stitch size and try to sew about 1mm or may be slightly less than that from the edge/folding. I didn’t sew current-pleats ‘under’ previous-pleat. I don’t know, I feel like the feel of the fabric becomes ‘thicker’ and not like i want. Feel like I’m making ‘accordion’. I really don’t know how to explain it in detail but the point is I just feel it doesn’t become what I want it to be if I didn’t sew it like that (^_^)”. If you think, you prefer to sew the current-pleats ‘under’ previous-pleats a.k.a the stitch is under the previous-pleats, then do it. No-restriction in this case (^_<). You can of course have your own R&D, too!
  5. If you see the pictures above, I haven’t reached what i can call consistency. Even so, it’s the best so far I can get and quite good progress compared to many failures (^_^)”. I still want to do 1-2 practice on ‘real’ project before real-real project is made. Haha. You know what? in real-real project, i only need 2-maximum 4 close pleats actually. Yet, i practice more than 4 pleats in ‘every practice-batch’ because I want to get used to the technique I think it’s the best for me.

I can sewing like this in easy way and fast but the result will not as good as i want it to be. Besides, actually, sewing will be easy and fast if I practice hard and harder. First important is to practice while analysing the BEST way to do it and then keep practicing the best way I find. The more I’m getting used to, the faster i can sew well

It would be different if I sew like a mess and keep sewing like a mess and get used to it. The habit and skill that i will get is skill to sew like a mess.

So, let’s not be lazy and keep practicing a GOOD sewing.

Not So Simple Backpack


this was supposed to be quite simple backpack. But somehow, since i wanted to sew the zipper differently than i usually did, I didnt set up a step by step sewing procedure properly. I just sew as usual. Apparently, I sew in a wrong order so the result was not precise and the difficulty increased.

i also made a pattern mistake which i wanted to make side pockets flatter a bit but ended up with sewing difficulty due to thickness. 😰😰. I added a strap to make it thicker or fatter. So you can see there’s kind of ‘additional strap’ on the pockets. Yet, since it’s emergency correction, the precision of the stripe, the position of the pockets (the mark was quite disappeared and i was too lazy to do it again bcs the pieces were half assembled already when i fixed the pockets) and the sewing are not good. 😞. aaaaaand so does the zipper part. it wasnt precise too.
the lining inside should be modified too. separate pattern should be made. I didnt do it bcs i didnt think it would be necessary. I made the pattern very simple that actually it caused me difficulty in sewing. It was same to the lining. I should make separate different lining pattern but I used main fabric pattern
I want to write abt the zipper sewing later. I plan to make one more later. I hope i wont forget to take a picture. haha.
Also want to write abt lining pattern too. I dont plan to write a whole tutorial though. But if i have time, may be.

Few things to note (again) when making new project (though it looks like not new):

  1. set up a step-by-step sewing procedure.
  2. don’t just use main pattern as lining pattern.
  3. with that kind of pockets, it’s better to give more sewing allowance rather than 0.5cm or less. It’s even better to give at around 1.7-2cm.
  4. Better no interfacing used on pocket strap to be sewn on the main body. Interfacing will add thickness. Or even if it’s used, make it smaller than pattern, so the side to be sewn is still interfacing-less.

BJD, Abussive Side

I have been watching in community abt this. BJD is expensive hobby. So, it is a quick conclusion by some people that people in this hobby are rich and they afford every bjd-related handmade. Just price it little bit under big company price, although it is actually not good quality, still, people will buy it. I dont know. That is so WRONG to me.

I think, regardless people is rich or not in this hobby, I must appreciate their money. Ten dollars messy handmade vs 30 usd good handmade is incomparable if it is MESSY. Some money has been spent or will be spent, so make it our best. It is selling anyway. Some quality cant be seen from picture only when it comes to online selling. So, regardless we can hide the quality or not, why not setting up ourselves? Why dont we learn about good, sell-decent handmade? Not bcs it is cheap or buyer affords our handmade, so we make it like a mess. I have been watching some handmade makers are irresponsible or dont care abt their product. Money oriented and quite abussive to this hobby people.

Of course, there is price for each quality but the example i said abt 10usd and messy product means that it is actually cant be sold even at that price. In short, it is actually totally failed product. Kind of handmade that is not made by heart at all. I have seen like that. My friend was the victim. I was speechless. It happens more than once. So… i am even more speechless. I was thinking, couldnt the seller appreciate the buyer money? 1,2,3 usd is still money. Every cent is worth! If it is spent on a seller, the seller should be grateful and give what is worth from the heart. If the product is not deserved to be sold yet, then dont sell. I wonder if they think messy product deserves a price?

Some people may think, the decision is on the buyer. It is their fault if they still choose bad product. I can not think like that. Buyer may decide to choose a product but when they choose, the seller should be grateful and honored, thus giving the best based on standard from big company. Sometimes, we cant make as good as they can but at least we know and pursue the decent standard.

What i also hate is when some people apply quite standard price but for financing their learning (and they are not learning fast either).

Again, buyers choose. My writing above is my position as a crafter.

It makes me angry and disappoint how ppl abuse this hobby. *That is also one of reasons the community sometimes consists people that is money oriented  (and existence oriented) and then try to kick out other people who they think are weak, doesnt have supporters, but have potential to be their competitor.  They dont do that on people who spend money on their product or potentially spend money on their product. It is disgusting to see something like this. Too money oriented disgusts me already and some people still add it with feud in community.

As a buyer…I am a bit relieve when purchasing thing from an artist and the result wasnt as expected, the artist kept responsible. Very nice one. But i turned down the offering and asked for refund bcs i think i rather wait for her to learn more and know good products out there.   i also rather pay 20-30 usd more to get a very good product than cheaper ones but i cant use it or it is not decent.