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Myou Dolls!

May 13th, 2017

Been eyeing on myou dolls They are so cute! The faces are different but the feel is the same. I think the sculptor is really really love this kind of cute faces. Usually, i always look up on particular brands for msd height but this ‘msd’ type aka baby type, particular brands I always put […]

Taobao Shopping Service

November 24th, 2016

BEFORE YOU READ IT, PLEASE BE NOTIFIED THAT I AM NOT THE SHOPPING AGENT. I’M PROMOTING MY FRIEND’S GREAT AGENT SERVICE. PLEASE CONTACT MY FRIEND IF YOU WANT TO BUY FROM TAOBAO. (^_^)d   If you like shopping from, I highly recommend you to use agent She is my friend and she is not […]

My Doll Clothes

August 4th, 2016

just found out that i made 4 doll clothes already. Five i think. not all is finished 100% but ready to take pic. ? . I will take pics of them . one of the dress still needs more accessories like belt and other things. Tweet

Notes with password

July 14th, 2014

Some notes are password protected because it’s for my personal notes and only understood by me. It doesn’t fit to be called tutorial and I don’t want to make a complete and clear tutorial right now. Even if you send me request to give the password, I will not give. I don’t want to open […]

I’ll be selling some fabrics and some materials I’ve bought for producing craft (not for hobby) for business. I’m preparing them to be sold in my etsy: . The shipping is not cheap because I’ll be using EMS. Should anyone want cheaper, please kindly know and bear your own risk. I’ll make announcement again […]

Since, i’m too busy to maintain 2 websites, temporarily (for may be forever…), and will be united into one web which is (which if you type it, you’ll be directed to this blog). I’m using two names because of branding thing. I want to separate my doll clothes work from nichancraftroom’s works […]

NEW WEB, again (^O^)d

March 26th, 2013

Welcome to my new web again. This address will be my ‘back-up’ website as well as my blog. I like a simpler presentation though which I’m preparing @ Yet, I’m quite busy with my twins and ‘small-long-time’ ambition about my crafting. So, it’s hard to find some minutes to upload my old photos and […]